Sep 15, 2013

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Space Brothers episode 73

Okay, here’s the deal; I am tired from working, driving and spending time with my family. This day has been a pain in my near-perfect ass and I want to put it behind me. I had no time to schedule this post so I’ll just write this out and post it right away. I am keeping it short and simple again.

[HorribleSubs] Space Brothers - 73 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.08_[2013.09.15_02.24.23]Sharon is still dying, Hibito is still frightened and might lost his job as an astronaut, but let’s get to the interesting part; Mutta has come up with a way to improve the moon buggies for saver moon travel. Bust out your blow horns and hang out the flags, because Mutta did it again! Quite predictable even though the method he came up with was quite interesting.

We, too, have been hearing a lot about similar technology; glasses that allow you to see as though you were living your life through a monitor. This, in theory at least, should help astronauts navigate on the moon and help them avoid craters and whatnot. The guy wants to build a GPS system for the moon buggies, how nice!

Space Brothers episode 73 screencaps

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