Apr 15, 2013

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Sparrow’s Hotel

Why did was this made? Is there anyone at all that benefits from this? I bet the author doesn’t even benefit from having this on his/her résumé.

Sparrow's HotelThe artwork sucks. It’s watchable for an anime short, but it still sucks. I hate how Sayuri looks like your average busty girl that does everything almost perfectly.

The story… There is none. What’d you expect? It’s three minutes per episode, so how could there possibly be a story? One regular episode would be five or six episodes of this worthless anime short.

Skip this one if you don’t wish to waste your time. It’s just not worth it, I’m sorry.

Plot Summary: The comedy revolves around Sayuri Satou, the new front desk worker at the Sparrow’s Hotel—”the closest hotel to Heaven”. Her special features are her large breasts and her skills of assassination. She takes down people who cause trouble in the business hotel with those skills, but she is in fact very unskilled when talking to the male hotel manager, and often bites her tongue.

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