Jan 12, 2014

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Dreadful. Who would ever want to come home from work to watch this crap? It’s almost as though they are mocking us, the public, by pushing this crap into existence. The world doesn’t need or want this, trust me.

Strange+The artwork is annoying. The characters are pretty bad and they expressions piss me off so much that I actually want to buy a dart board, print out these characters and put them on that board to release a bit of pent up stress. So bad…

There are only a few months per episode… How good a story could it be? I certainly couldn’t follow it because of the poor artwork. Hell, I didn’t even understand what was going on to be very honest with you.

Watching this was a complete waste of time. I only did it so that I could write this review. This could be used as a punishment for those that get community service. Did you rob someone? Watch ten teen episodes of Strange+ without breaks. You will never rob anyone ever again.

Plot Summary: Kou is searching for his older brother Takumi, who left home and has gone missing in the city. Worried that he’s in trouble, Kou decides not to go home until he’s found him, only to find him all too easily. Takumi, it turns out, has become head of the Mikuni Detective Agency, and has no intention of going back home. Kou decides that if he can’t make Takumi return, then he’ll join the agency himself.

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