Apr 14, 2012

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Studio 4°C creates anime ad for Volvic mineral water

Studio 4°C creates anime ad for Volvic mineral water

Volvic, a Danone brand of natural mineral water sold in Japan, will begin airing a television commercial produced by the anime company Studio 4°C on Monday. Hidekazu Ohara (Digital Juice, Kogepan, Suzy’s Zoo Daisuki! Witzy) directed the ad, and manga/anime creator Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira, Memories, Steamboy) designed the characers.

With this ad, Ohara and Otomo are swapping their usual collaborative roles; Ohara designed the characters in the Memories anthology’s “Cannon Fodder” short and the Short Peace anthology’s “Hi-no-youjin” (“Combustible”) short, and Otomo directed both of these shorts.

The ad depicts a bicyclist who is always riding his bicycle on the streets, but he replenishes his body with the power of nature, thanks to Volvic water from the springs in France’s Auvergne region.

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