Jul 19, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 02

How could I possibly not write about this one? It is fighting Natsuyuki Rendezvous for first place as best anime of this year’s summer. There’s no way I could leave this one alone like that. The fact that the total number of episodes isn’t known yet makes me a little bit nervous.

Sword Art Online is basically an animated game that you watch instead of play. I like how Kazuto does things. He’s one of the beta testers that first played the game, so he already knew quite a bit about the game before the official release. Regular players didn’t like that and thought that beta players should share their obtained items with the regular players, so that everyone has a fair fighting chance. Fair point, especially when your life is actually on the line, but the way they went about it was wrong. Besides, there’s no real way of recognizing a beta tester, so it’s a dead-end if those beta players remain quiet, just like Kazuto did.

They had to fight a boss to go to the next level. That means that all the payers, as in most MMORPG’s, form “parties” of half a dozen players in order to defeat the boss. Things got rough really quick. The players kept getting pushed back by that boss, all because their information turned out to be inaccurate. It was all up to Kazuto and Asuna, his new (female) friend, to defeat this boss before it defeated them.

Well now, it soon became very difficult for Kazuto to hide the fact that he too was one of the beta players. He simply knew too much about it. He knew it’s fighting weapons and patterns, so it soon became clear to others that he was one of those beta players. Sure, there was a bit of trouble afterwards, but even they couldn’t complain that much after having been saved by him.

This is probably where Kazuto starts his real story. The story of a player known as “The Black Swordsman”. Seriously, that guy wins a black garment after defeating that boss and resumes continue in the game alone, even though he had Asuna by his side. I don’t know if he did it to show off or to get away safely before those angry players attacked him, but something doesn’t seem right. I can only hope that Asuna is one of those nosy girls and decides to follow him, because someone like him could definitely use the help.

Sword Art Online episode 02 screencaps

  1. this anime is like seriously baller i mean its ranked 40 on myanimelist.net already and only two episodes have been aired and i just love it so do you know how many episodes there will be and please no spoilers please

  2. so far there are over 20 out it has gone into a new arc which so far I’m not really liking I don’t like how they ended the first arc but I still love the show and it’s still my rank 1

  3. Goro Oimikado says:

    Wasn’t the main characters name Kirito not Kazuto? Or am I getting the Japanese to English transaction wrong. I Only know English and from what I read in the subs while watching the episode and a synopsis it was Kirito.

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