Jul 26, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 03

Quite the grim episode this turned out to be. It makes you wonder about the path the protagonist is going to take from here on out. This only made things worse, if anything. It’s safe to say that the story will be a lot darker from here on out.

The story continues to follow Kazuto, a boy that abandoned his friends to venture out on his own, thinking that it was the only way. Of course, that was until he met a group of people, a guild to be precise. This guild invited him to join, hoping that he would teach them how to fight and survive. Sure he joined after he told them a few lies, but at what cost? Things went smoothly at the beginning. He showed them where to level up, where to look for good items and how to expand their guild. Basically, he did his very best.

Yeah, things went well, until his fellow guild members decided to go out on their own to farm some gold. They decided to go to the dungeons to look for treasures and whatnot. However, they got a lot more than they bargained for. They saw a chest lying on the floor, but that was a trap. Soon the room filled with all sorts of monsters. And soon player after player died at the hands of those monsters. Kazuto couldn’t do a damned thing. He just fought for his survived and watched as his friends died before his eyes.

Things keep getting more and more complicated. The protagonist is in a slump right now. He lost almost all of his friends in the blink of an eye, plus he had to explain what happened to the guild leader. That couldn’t have been easy. That guild leader has it the hardest, probably, because all of his friends got killed while he was out buying them a guild house.

I’m looking forward to the next episode. Things have become a little bit complicated, but I’m sure that time will simplify things. It’ll be interesting to see what Kazuto is going to do, and if he’s going to contact any of his old ‘acquaintances’.

Sword Art Online episode 03 screencaps

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    it was absolutly goooood 😀

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