Aug 1, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 04

Absolutely awesome! It’s looking more and more like a real MMORPG. I love how they introduced a player-killing element (the option where one player can kill another). After all, what’s an online game without fights against other players?

The episode focusses on a little girl who had lost her virtual pet. You know the basics, I’m sure. A player gets a pet somehow, trains it, and uses it to fight and/or search for valuable items. That particular foundation of MMORPG’s hasn’t really changed. I’m glad too, how else could one truly enjoy Sword Art Online?

Anyway, Kazuto decided to help that young girl, Silica. I was sceptical at first. Silica, to me, seemed a bit fake. There were many scenes where she seemed to be a completely different person. Still, I have been wrong many times before. Kazuto trusted her and that is enough. The two spent quite a lot of time together, met up with Silica’s old group of, ahem, ‘friend and headed out to a place where Silica could obtain the one item that could revive her pet, Pina.

The two managed to make their way to “the Hill of Memories”, the one place where Pina, Silica’s pet, could be resurrected. It was a bit too easy at first, but it soon became clear that those two were being followed by that red-headed player-killer and her evil lackeys. It was pretty nostalgic to see how none of her followers could even scratch Kazuto, merely because his level was too high for them. He regenerated as soon as he took damage, making him practically invulnerable to their attacks, after which he sent them all to the game’s jail. How that brings back memories of so much wasted time…

All well that ends well. Kazuto made a new friend and expended his reputation, Silica and Pina were once again reunited, and all that player killing scum has been taken care of by Kazuto. Wonderful.

You know, I too hated it when I encountered players in MMORPG’s that were double my level. You can’t hurt them, yet they are capable of killing you with one hit. That’s how these games work. You have to avoid the big boys and start with the small fry first, so that you too may become one of those big boys. Yeah, MMORPG’s are pretty unfair that way, and that is probably why I don’t play them anymore.

Sword Art Online episode 04 screencaps

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