Aug 9, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 05

Damn. This anime makes me want to play MMORPG’s. I came awfully close to buying Diablo 3, but I don’t like the idea of losing my character(s) when I die, seeing as I used to die quite a lot in those types of games. Playing is one thing, but wasting my time on something that might disappear into thin air after a few days is a bit too much for me.

Moving on; I like what I saw during this episode. Well, not all of it, but I did like it when I saw Kazuto with Asuna. Those two didn’t really part ways on the best of terms, which led me to believe at one point that their friendship was done for, but it seems that I may have overreacted. The two seem to be doing fine. Sure, they have a love-hate relationship right now, but it’s nothing that time won’t fix.

However, those two do not stand in the spotlight during this episode. The one taking the spotlight is a mysterious player that’s killing all of the players that used to be with him in his guild. They once found a rare item and decided to sell it by popular vote, so now he’s out there killing all those who voted against him. Talk about a sore loser, huh?

This guy uses homemade weapons to kill his opponents. Also, those weapons seem to slowly drain a player’s health points. And what’s more; the guy’s doing it in safe zones. Those zones are called that because players should be safe from most (if not all) attacks, yet player after playing is being killed by this guy and his weapons. That’s what’s so strange about it all.

Kazuto, Asuna and Andrew have quite a lot of work ahead of them. They will have to find this guy before he kills any more players. It’s a race-against-the-clock type of mission. I wonder though… Is Kazuto safe as well? I mean, he has a higher level than most players, which gives him quite the advantage, but is he ‘safe’? That’s what I’ve been wondering ever since I saw this episode. Only one way to find out, I guess…

Sword Art Online episode 05 screencaps

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