Aug 30, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 08

What a dreadful episode this turned out to be. The episode itself was pretty good, but the scenes… Good god. That just goes to show that Kazuto may have been right all along about being a solo player. Being in a guild, from what I could tell, is just one big headache.

The story primarily revolved around the S-rank rare item that Kazuto obtained during his travels in that dreadful virtual world. A delicious little treat by the name of “ragout rabbit” was the hot topic during this episode. How stupid. Kazuto and Asuna both know that it’s all fake. It’s starting to look like they’re both getting too used to that world.

But let’s focus a bit more on that whole guild thing. Asuna, being someone with a high position within that guild, was assigned a guard that was following her around all over the place. This guy, a hideous looking ego tripper, ended up picking a fight with the wrong, namely Kazuto. It didn’t take Kazuto very long to humiliate that fool, so that was pretty reassuring.

Finally, I’m a bit worried about that PK guild. They have been keeping an annoyingly close eye on Kazuto and Asuna. It may be a very wild guess on my part, but I’m guessing that Asuna and Kazuto have made their most wanted list, especially Kazuto, seeing as he interfered with one of their ‘assignments’ before. That puts him in a though spot, as I don’t think that those guys play fair, and with Kazuto having so many friends…  Let us just say that Kazuto is pretty vulnerable, at least more than Asuna.

Sword Art Online episode 08 screencaps

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