Sep 13, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 10

I never thought that I would say this about Sword Art Online, but what a disappointing episode. I just don’t understand it. This episode could have been the best one yet. The relationship between Asuna and Kazuto has finally reached a new level, yet Kazuto is tied to that guild right now.

I was hyped beyond belief after last week’s episode. Kazuto would have to face Asuna’s guild leader in a one-on-one match. Win and Asuna goes with you, lose and you join our guild. Those were the stakes. Kazuto gave it his all, used that dual wielding ability of his and still ended up as the loser.  I’m not saying there was foul play, although there was something strange about that guy’s abilities. I’m just saying that I cannot accept the fact that both Kazuto and Asuna are being forced to stay part of that guild without the ability to leave whenever they see fit. I know that I’ve made it very clear in the past that I hate it when the protagonist keeps winning all the time, but I wouldn’t have minded this time.

Anyway, I’m going to skip over that whole team killing thing where Kazuto almost died. That creep attacked him, Asuna saved him and Kazuto ended up taking his life. Nicely done, Kazuto. No, I just want to skip straight to the point where their relationship reached that wonderful new level.

It started out as a simple case of miscommunication. Asuna was under the impression that Kazuto wanted to have sex straight away, even though he only wanted to stay at her place for the night. That was pretty funny and interested, as Asuna showed that she was up for it. No, Kazuto just wanted to make it very clear how he feels about her (before it’s too late). That was the only good thing about this week’s episode. It would’ve been perfect would Kazuto not have lost like that. Still, I’m once again hyped up about next week’s episode, so it’s all good!

Sword Art Online episode 10 screencaps

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