Sep 27, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 12

I’m afraid my posts will be very short for the next few days, as I have hurt one of my arms, rendering me unable to type properly. It’s really too bad, because there’s a lot that I want to say about this episode.

This episode made my week. I didn’t like it when Asuna and Kazuto gained a child like that. Be serious for once. I was especially happy when that girl turned out to be a malfunctioning program of Sword Art Online. It was a good thing too, as both their lives were saved thanks to her. It was a shame that she was deleted, but I’m pretty sure that it was for the best. I really didn’t like the thought of those two raising a virtual child. This type of story doesn’t allow for it. It’s supposed to stay interesting, dramatic and adventurous. That’s the way I know Sword Art Online.

Sword Art Online episode 12 screencaps

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