Oct 4, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 13

Oh boy, I’m probably going to piss off a few fan boys with this post, but no guts no glory. I just can’t help but feel disappointed after watching this episode. It doesn’t really affect my opinion about Sword Art Online in general, but still…

The episode starts out pretty strangely. Kazuto is honing his fishing skills, when suddenly he meets an elderly man. The old man catches the fish, unlike Kazuto, so Kazuto decided to invite him to his ‘house’, so that Asuna-chan can prepare a nice meal. The hungry man was all too happy to accept, after which a messed up friendship unfolded. What is up with that? I don’t want to watch a scene where Kazuto and Asuna team up to catch a four-legged fish. Not after hearing that dramatic story about how that man gave up on his real life and about how all the players will die eventually without real food, as they are probably all in hospitals right now.

It was really lame. They started out with an easy-going first half, only to surprising us with an action-filled second half. Both Kazuto and Asuna are once again fighting for their lives, even though it’s not out of free will this time. Sure, both of them may want to go home, and that can only be accomplished by completing the game, but we mustn’t forget that they are just taking orders from their guild leader.

I wish they had started right away with the action. Start with that story about how the players are in hospitals and will probably die without any real food soon, after which you start that whole boss scene. That would’ve been so much better. The kind of strange comedy that we’ve seen this week doesn’t suit Sword Art Online very well. Maybe that’s just me though…

Sword Art Online episode 13 screencaps

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