Nov 15, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 19

Why do things always take a weird turn in Sword Art Online? It went from weird to bizarre. Why? I honestly don’t get it, but the fact that there are few episodes remaining is what worries me most. I’ve been hearing a lot of bad remarks about the ending…

This episode continued with Kazuto and Suguha’s guest to reach that almighty tree. Their journey soon came to a temporary standstill when they found out they were being followed by a group of players looking to kill them, a group known as “Salamanders”. So far so good, except for that strange pet that tracks other players. It’s an interesting idea, I suppose, but I’m not a big fan of it. I did like the ability where a player like Suguha can make herself invisible for as long as she (and other players) remain quiet. Very interesting indeed.

Also, what’s up with Kazuto’s new transformation ability? I am well aware that in many games like World of Warcraft, Conquer Online, Lineage II and many others, that a player can transform into an animal after sacrificing quite a few Mana points (MP). But come on, what was up with that form? I thought that Kazuto’s class wasn’t meant for fighting? That was a little bit unexpected.

I’m looking forward to the next episode. I want to know more about that transformation and about why they were attacked. What’s the point in one side cooperating with another? There’s only one side that can win in the end.

Sword Art Online episode 19 screencaps

  1. It was only a ilusion, not a polymorph. SAO is not lile lineagr or wow, but more like ultima where u can use illusions spell to change ur apparence, track a player, hide ur name

    • Have you actually seen the episode? How can it be an illusion when he actually grabbed and killed those players? I don’t think an illusion can lift players 5 to 6 meters in the air and bite them in half.

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