Nov 22, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 20

It’s been twenty weeks already, huh? Twenty awesome weeks filled with Sword Art Online. It’s strange that Bakuman, a show that does even better in ratings than Sword Art Online, gets realised so irregularly. I guess we just can’t have it all…

I had a feeling that it would turn out like this. Kazuto isn’t the type of person that would abandon his friends. He proved that when he was still stuck inside Sword Art Online. So, I knew that he would help out Suguha’s friends against the invading Salamander forces. I didn’t know that he would lie to them though, despite the fact that it didn’t work out in the end.

It seemed quite unfair that Kazuto, having started the game only a few days ago (their time, not ours), managed to defeat their general with his amateur gear. I did expect to see him dual wield two swords again though. After all, it’s a skill that made him so known in Sword Art Online. Authors don’t usually drop something as important like that. They usually bring it back later on.

Anyway, Kazuto defeated their general, stopped the invasion and ensured that justice was brought down upon the traitor that was responsible for all of this. Not bad for a day’s work. It was pretty funny when everyone suddenly wanted Kazuto to join them. They even tried to persuade him through their digital bodies. What kind of person would be persuaded by a pair of big, digital breasts? I wouldn’t (seriously). They must’ve thought that he was some kind of hard-core NEET that never gets out to meet any girls. Poor guy… At least he’ll get Asuna back, providing she actually manages to escape.

Sword Art Online episode 20 screencaps

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