Nov 29, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 21

Oh, oh… My hope levels are rising again! I was slowly starting to lose faith in Sword Art Online, as it felt as though we were back where we started. But, although it still seems that way, I’m starting to get hopeful once more. It was the kind of episode that makes you want to see more and more straight away.

We all know Asuna, a feisty girl that doesn’t have any problems with speaking her mind. She almost managed to escape and log out of that dreadful game. She would’ve succeeded if it weren’t for those two staff members. That’s when I started to get a little hopeful. Sure, I was down again when she failed to escape, but I’m sure that she’ll get another opportunity like that if she keeps trying.

Kazuto even ended up taking his little sister to the hospital to see Asuna. That time could’ve been better spent on levelling and finding a way to reach the top of that tree, but I suppose this is fine too. Besides, Kazuto didn’t even know for sure that Asuna was at the very top of that tree. He was just assuming based on the picture he saw.

However, his assumptions were soon turned into reality when his virtual fairy daughter detected Asuna’s presence. Kazuto, probably more motivated than ever before, will now have to find a way to reach the top. I’m looking forward to that, but I’m also looking forward to the moment where brother and sister finally realize that they have been playing that game with each other all this time. That should prove to be quite the amusing scene. Kazuto will probably be fine, but his little sister, a girl that has fallen in love with the character Kirito, her brother’s character, will probably be so embarrassed that she won’t be able to look him in the eyes.

Sword Art Online episode 21 screencaps

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