Dec 5, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 22

We’re here! After weeks of waiting, were finally here! I was starting to think that they were planning to wait till the last two episodes before Kazuto and Suguha became aware of the fact that they were actually playing the game with one another.

The first half consisted of Kazuto’s stubborn attempt to reach the top of the tree by participating in that quest. A quest where the player has to reach the top alive. This sounds easy enough, right? Think again. You have to pass an army hundreds of enemies, both close range and long range, before you can actually reach the end. Do the math; one hard-core gamer versus hundreds of well-coordinated enemies. It’s that Suguga, his little sister, followed him in to get him out in time. She had very little time to revive him, otherwise he would’ve had to start all over again.

That’s when it became clear to them that they were playing with each other, not with some unknown person from god only knows where. Suguha took it the worst. Not only the she find out that her brother, someone just came out a long, game-induced coma, has started playing again, but she also found out that she’s actually in love with him (I think?).

She appears to be clinging to the fact that they aren’t actually related by blood. She thinks of that as an excuse to date, even though it’s probably still more than just frowned upon. She is torn between her feelings for Kazuto and about his feelings for Asuna, whom he is trying to save right now. I hope she will continue to help him in his quest to free Asuna, although the chances of that are very small.

Sword Art Online episode 22 screencaps

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