Dec 13, 2012

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Sword Art Online episode 23

Good episode, but I start to get the feeling that the end is going to be affected by how slow the pace has gotten. Sword Art Online has made a huge impact, and it would be a terrible waste if they messed up the ending by suddenly going too fast. The ending needs time, it needs the right combination of drama and romance.

I could say many things about this episode, but Suguha surprised me the most. I thought that she would’ve given up on her brother’s mission to save Asuna from the clutches of that evil virgin. And yes, the guy’s a virgin. Why else would he want to have virtual sex with Asuna? He could’ve just let her wake up, have actual sex with her and put her back in the game after he finishes.

All jokes aside, I don’t see how Suguha can continue to look her brother in the eyes. She openly confessed to him, yet she continues to help him. I’m not saying that she doesn’t like him anymore, because she does. Why else would she turned down her school friend’s confession? She’s probably still clinging to the idea of dating her brother.

That’s one part of it though. The other part, the part that should stand in the spotlight, would be the fact that Kazuto, with the help of all his friends in ALfheim Online, took another shot at clearing that quest. Only then could people tell that the game wasn’t created for people to finish it, but for them to play it endlessly.

Now, I have wondered why Asuna specifically dropped that black access card item. I didn’t make sense at the time. Never could I have imagined that it was to be used to allow Kazuto to pass through that gate, a gate that wasn’t ever going to open on its own. I had come up with a different theory where Kazuto (or his fairy friend) would obtain GM rights to make the fight between him and ‘Mr. Virgin’ a fair one. How interesting…

Sword Art Online episode 23 screencaps

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