Aug 21, 2014

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Akame ga Kill! episode 07

Oh wow, another amazing Akame ga Kill! episode! I am truly glad that I chose this over DRAMAtical Murder. The latter has been so boring lately that I’m actually thinking about dropping it if the next episode doesn’t change things.

[HorribleSubs] Akame ga Kill! - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_03.52_[2014.08.20_23.40.32]Akame ga Kill! does not have that problem. It is exciting and interesting. I sat on the edge of my chair when that infamous general set loose her three dogs of war upon the unsuspecting Night Raid. Their approach was simple and quite underhanded, but quite effective nonetheless. They lured out Night Raid by killing important, known people and passed it off as Night Raid’s doing. That way people would come to hate Night Raid (even more). It would only be a matter of time before Night Raid makes their appearance to stop them from doing any more damage.

[HorribleSubs] Akame ga Kill! - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.23_[2014.08.20_23.40.57]I wonder why they still send Tatsumi out on missions. They once again set him up against opponents that wield those almighty weapons. Three of them this time. It is almost as though they want him dead. They know that he stands no chance against opponents like that. Even Tatsumi himself knows that he stands no chance.

That just brings me to a true hero; Bulat. That guy is insane. He just pushed back two of them, killed the third one and saved Tatsumi from getting killed. He did all that in just one attack. So what if he’s up against the general that he used to serve? If he’s still alive then that means that he has given in to corruption. I hope Bulat realizes that and does to him what he did to that other guy. 

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Aug 19, 2014

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Sword Art Online 2 episode 07

This second Sword Art Online season is full of surprises. This is one of those moments where I’m truly happy that I didn’t resort to reading the manga. I just knew that another season was right around the corner.

[HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online II - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.30_[2014.08.18_22.35.42]So Kazuto’s little sister and girlfriend already knew about his little secret. Well, some of it. They all found out that Kazuto converted his ALfheim Online account to a Gun Gale Online account. I knew his little sister would be clingy and ask question after question, but I thought for sure that Asuna would be a little more aggressive. She just accepted it… How strange.

So Shino is finally starting to realize that she has a little crush on Kazuto, huh? That’s just predictable. I knew this would happen from the moment they introduced that character. She is falling for Kazuto and that guy, Kyouji or Spiegel, is probably going to lose his mind because of it. I foresee a lot of bad things right now.

[HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online II - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.54_[2014.08.18_22.36.19]I have so many theories right now about both Kazuto and Shino and the mysterious Death Gun. Quite frankly, I am putting my money on two characters right now. My number one pick would be that insane Sword Art Online player that took charge of that player killing fest that killed so many people. My second pick would have to be the aforementioned Kyouji (or Spiegel as he’s called in-game). It’s only natural that it’s possible to have more than one account at the same time, and he seems like a creepy stalker that has set his sights on Shino-chan. I don’t know why, but I think he might have something to do with that Death Gun character.

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Aug 16, 2014

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Tokyo Ghoul episode 07

It was a good episode, but I think it’s too bad that Ken only received his mask at the end of the episode. We’ve already passed the halfway point and Ken has yet to let loose. He is still the same weakling that we have come to know and love.

[Ohys-Raws] Tokyo Ghoul - 07 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_01.39_[2014.08.16_00.01.24]It was painful to see Ken completely helpless as Hinami’s mother was slaughtered by her own husband’s weapon. Those guys are merciless. They think that Ghoul are the monsters, but Ghouls still kill to eat (most of them do anyway). They kill because they actually seem to enjoy it. That guy, Kureo I believe, couldn’t stop smiling as he tore apart Hinami’s mother. And Ken? He just stood there watching because he knew that it would be suicidal to fight them. Rough scenes like that are really heavy on the mind. Your average viewer cannot help but sympathize with Hinami and the ever so helpless Ken.

[Ohys-Raws] Tokyo Ghoul - 07 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_12.56_[2014.08.16_00.01.49]I’m glad to see that Touka took it personal. She decided to go out and fight those guys. It surprised me to see how little damage she did. She could take on that young agent because he didn’t have his weapon with him, but that old guy showed up and nearly whooped her ass. You can consider Tokyo Ghoul dropped instantly if Touka were to die like that.

Now then… Will Ken finally get that power boost that we all have been waiting for? Will he become that legendary, one-eyed Ghoul that we have heard so much about? I doubt it. It’s been going so slow and he only just received that mask. I doubt a mask could give a Ghoul more power, so I’m guessing we’ll be watching a couple of episodes with him training.

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Aug 14, 2014

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Akame ga Kill! episode 06

Oh my god… How could anyone possibly see this coming? This epic episode turned out to be so tragic… God… How can this be so good!? It feels wrong to actually like this episode, but I do… I loved every minute of it.

[HorribleSubs] Akame ga Kill! - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.27_[2014.08.13_23.34.11]It started out normally (or as normal as it gets in Akame ga Kill!) with Tatsumi and Leone and their mission to free dozens of prostitute slaves from the clutches of evil drug lords and pimps. This women were drugged, brought in and soon became addicted to that drug. Now they do everything to get their hands on a fix, even if it means selling their bodies to the ugliest, fattest and cruellest of men.

Things got out of hand when Leone recognize one of the girls there and charged straight in. I must say that it was over before I even got time to start enjoying it properly, but it was awesome nonetheless. Those drug lords and pimps won’t be doing business ever again. Unless they found a way to continue drugging and pimping women in the afterlife (not that there is such a thing as an afterlife).

[HorribleSubs] Akame ga Kill! - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_13.27_[2014.08.13_23.34.35]Anyway, what completely stirred me is that scene where Seryuu, that girl that helped Tatsumi during the last episode, and her weapon actually sliced Sheele in half. I tried hard to ignore the fact that that freak of nature actually ate the top half of Sheele afterwards, but I couldn’t. I was choked up. We only recently just watched an entire episode dedicated to Sheele and her life. And now she’s dead… She got killed by a stupid girl that thinks she’s doing the right thing by stopping the people that, on the same day I might add, saved many women from a terrible, drug-filled life. I changed my mind completely. That girl, Seryuu, needs to die quickly and painfully. She has been corrupted a long time ago. I see that now.

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Aug 12, 2014

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Sword Art Online 2 episode 06

I honestly don’t like what I saw in Sword Art Online this week. I am all but sure that there are going to be a lot more problems like these, but I just don’t want to see the same thing I saw this week. It just aggravates me to no end.

[HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online II - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_09.07_[2014.08.11_23.37.41]So Kazuto had a chat with Death Gun, the guy that can supposedly kill people in “real life” by killing them in-game with his gun. Kazuto realized that this guy was, just like him, an old Sword Art Online player and that he was in the Laughing Coffin Guild, a guild for player killers. What happened though? Kazuto just collapsed. He had no idea what to do and could only try to figure whom that guy might be. He just froze. He played his games as though he was prepared to give up at any time. It actually reminded me of the old days where my opponents in-game started flaming when they were losing.

[HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online II - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.47_[2014.08.11_23.38.02]Kazuto’s match against Shino was just as bad. He just walked there out in the open and Shino, not being able to understand what was going on, was missing every single one of her shots even though she usually never misses. I suppose that scene where Kazuto actually sliced her bullet in half was pretty cool, but it doesn’t make up for his attitude.

I’ll leave it that. There’s no point in trying to understand why Kazuto was acting like a flaming child that tried to deliberately lose. I just hope that both he and Shino will do their best starting next week. If Kazuto actually managed to draw the spotlight to himself than Shino, an innocent girl, might be spared in the long run. After all, I don’t see Kazuto catching that guy any time soon yet.

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