Jul 24, 2014

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Akame ga Kill! episode 03

I am going to have to accept the fact that Akame ga Kill! is filled with corrupt and insane characters, which are characters that I really can’t deal with. I seem to take it personality every time something awful happens. I sit in my chair hoping for them to get killed, which makes me sound like a bad person.

[HorribleSubs] Akame ga Kill! - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_04.01_[2014.07.23_23.27.55]I think that Tatsumi needs to relax. He has a huge mouth and so little skill. He actually thought that he could somewhat hold his own in their group. He thought that their abilities weren’t that much better than his and that they only thing they had on him was experience. Boy, he learned once and for all that those guys live in a very different world than him. He saw how strong they are, he saw how determined they are and now he knows how they live and what they expect from him, which is to fight and survive at the end of the day. Sounds very easy, but that kind of goes away when you actually watch the story unfold.

[HorribleSubs] Akame ga Kill! - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.57_[2014.07.23_23.28.41]I’m guessing Akame, which is the most important character on the show I’m guessing (seeing as her name is in the title), Mine and Tatsumi are going to become very good friends. All three of them are very different, yet they all have the same goal. I’m guessing that some sort of diabolical love triangle will emerge as both girls might end up falling for their latest member.

Anyway, I sat here and watched the members of Night Raid fight off a group of enemies that tried to find their hideout. They were all killed without much of a problem, but Tatsumi nearly ended up getting killed because he couldn’t handle his opponent. He could only hold him down so that Mine could finish the job. How embarrassing…

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Jul 22, 2014

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Sword Art Online 2 episode 03

This season is really messed up. Most of the good anime air on the same day and I cannot write three posts in one day. That’s too much. So I had to spread it all out throughout the week. Sword Art Online gets prioritized a little, of course.

[HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online II - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.06_[2014.07.21_22.33.34]So we learn a bit more about Shino or Shinon (in-game name of hers) during these twenty minutes. It finally explained why she plays Gun Gale Online (GGO for short) and why she has such a fear of guns. She was forced to kill a man when he tried to rob the bank that she was in. She obtained his gun and shot the man several times in order to protect herself from that lunatic. It was quite funny how she gave him that headshot. I immediately thought that she was meant to be a sniper, but that would be rather crude considering the situation. Panic disorders are no laughing matter.

[HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online II - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.27_[2014.07.21_22.34.10]I was surprised to see Kazuto playing ALfheim Online during this episode. I thought we already passed that point? Asuna has been saved and she is a free woman again. In fact, she has finally become his woman now. Focus more on that or on Gun Gale Online and not on elves and whatever it is that elves do in that world nowadays.

I cannot believe they are making me wait another week before Kazuto starts in his investigation. He will have to train his in-game character quite a bit before he becomes a target. Shino has done quite well as a player and seems to be his next target. I’m already wondering how Kazuto will stop that lunatic from killing Shino. So many theories running through my anime-infested head…

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Jul 16, 2014

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Akame ga Kill! episode 02

It was between DRAMAtical Murder and Akame ga Kill! The second DRAMAtical Murder episode wasn’t as good as I had hoped whilst the second Akame ga Kill! episode turned out to be even better than the first. My choice was obvious at that point.

[HorribleSubs] Akame ga Kill! - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.15_[2014.07.15_22.51.16]I thought for sure that we’d have to wait a couple of weeks before we’d learn a bit more about the Night Raid organisation and its boss. It all happened so fast. We met the boss, got a glimpse of what we can expect in the future and we know quite a lot now about the organisation and its past and future goals. Not bad at all for one episode.

I’ll point this out right now; I foresee trouble for Tatsumi. I hate organisations. Things always get messy and problematic because an organisation is involved. There are always half-truths being told and nobody really gains anything. I’ll be quite interested in finding out of Tatsumi and his village really do get paid for all the hard work he is putting in.

[HorribleSubs] Akame ga Kill! - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.57_[2014.07.15_22.51.48]Anyway, this boss of theirs, some kind of cyborg chick with big breasts (geez, what a surprise there), already planned their next mission and put Tatsumi in charge of taking out the prime target. To be fair; the idiot only has himself to blame for having such a big mouth. He is too arrogant and will soon get his fingers burned if he keeps playing with fire.

Do you know what made it so easy for me to decide to write about Akame ga Kill!? It’s not that I have loads to talk about when it comes to this show, even though I do. I had to leave a lot out to keep this post reasonably readable. But no, I choose to write about this because I am already anxious to see the next episode. I can hardly wait…

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Jul 16, 2014

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Persona 4 The Golden Animation

Another anime adaption from a well-known game in Japan. I won’t fall for it this time. I probably won’t even bother watching this stuff. My problem with the Persona series is that they always start off strong (although pretty much the same). They start good but become rather dull and uninteresting after a couple of episodes.

Persona 4 The Golden AnimationNo much I can say about the artwork. It’s the same old style. They focus a lot on the characters and details. That is why I can say that this is clearly not a budget production.

The story is a problem for me. It usually starts off like any other Persona anime and becomes, just like any other Persona anime, rather dull and uninteresting because the pattern never changes. That is why I usually stop watching after the fourth or fifth episode.

I will play it safe and recommend this only to Persona fans. I cannot see myself watching more than three or four episodes of this before I’m tired of it. It’s the same old thing under a different name and wearing a different jacket.

Plot Summary: In the spring when the cherry blossom petals fall, Yū Narukami moves to Yaso Inaba to live with his uncle and cousin due to his family’s circumstances. He transfers to Yasogami High School, where his event-filled school life begins. However, when serial murders begin occurring in the peaceful town, Yū is awakened to the power of his heart turned to physical form: A Persona. Within these new mysteries is Marie, a resident of the alternate world, the Velvet Room, who has no memories of her past. Together with his friends, Yū must solve all the riddles set in front of him and save Yaso Inaba from further violence.

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Jul 14, 2014

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Sword Art Online 2 episode 02

I thought I was watching Kazuto at work. Why not? It’s possible for guys to create female characters and vice versa. I have been told that it happens quite often, actually. It’s one of the reasons why I choose not to play any MMORPG.

[HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online II - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_01.49_[2014.07.13_23.05.52]We meet Shino, a girl that plays the role of a skilled sniper that attacks players after their hunt and steals their loot. She does this with a couple of ‘friends’ and they seem quite successful at it. I, back in the day, played a simple MMORPG and used to do something similar. I waited until “Noobs” came back from hunting gold and elite and super items and killed them and picked up every single thing they dropped as they were trying to make it to the city, one of the few spots where they can’t get killed by other players. It’s nice to remember the good ‘ol days.

[HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online II - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.42_[2014.07.13_23.06.34]I thought for sure that Shino was Kazuto in disguise. She was good. She sniped targets from many miles away and defeated a guy three or four times her size by giving his head another breathing hole with her sniper rifle. I will say, here and now, that I don’t like the idea of players being able to lose limbs without dying like you’d expect from a regular MMORPG character.

I’ll just end this post by saying that I liked what I saw so far. Shino is no Kazuto, so I can only imagine that she, just like most female characters from season one, will probably fall in love with Kazuto. That’s how it usually goes, isn’t it? I just hope I get to see more of her and her skills. I love characters with sniper rifles. I would pick that character, too, if it were me… The idea of being able to take down my opponents from miles away is great!

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