Apr 8, 2012

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Sengoku Collection

I hate to say it, but this was a little bit disappointing. The pictures look so much better than the actual anime, which is kind of like a kick to my dragonballz (see what I did there?). It keeps getting clearer and clearer that you can’t judge a book by its cover, no matter how pretty or god-awful it seems at first.

The artwork is what let me down most. I’ve seen many, many teasers of Sengoku Collection, but I was truly disappointed when I actually started watching. The characters are way too charming. A little bit is fine, but this is just too much. It would make me feel like a paedophile if I were to watch it with a smile on my face, which, for the record, I cannot, despite all the “fan service”.

And as for the story; it’s below my personal average. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would, and the artwork certainly didn’t make up for it. It’s a shame, really, because I was looking forward to watching this anime.

I suppose that you, my faithful reader, already saw this coming, but I do not recommend this anime. I suppose your average die-hard loli-fan could look at this for hours, but not me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a terrible anime. It’s just that it didn’t live up to my expectations, which is why I am forced to give it a negative recommendation. Want to be ballsy and watch it anyway? Go ahead!

Plot Summary: Sengoku Collection revolves around many samurai who are accidentally removed from a parallel universe inhabited by well-known historic characters. Unlike the historical war period known to us, all inhabitants in this unique world look like high school girls. Coming from the medieval era and finding themselves totally amazed by everything they encounter in modern day Tokyo, the girls become best friends through their adventures.

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Mar 28, 2012

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Chihayafuru episode 25

It’s finally here! Chihayafuru’s final episode. It was as I feared; the anime ended with a few holes in the story. There was no match between Arata, Chihaya and/or Taichi. Neither of them became a master of queen and now they surprised us with a strange ending. I’m starting to get the feeling that this may not be the complete end of Chihayafuru.

I knew that they would focus some more on that master-match. It took up almost half of the episode, but it was a valuable thing for Chihaya to see. She realized, thanks to Tsutomu-kun’s data, her weak and strong points, and decided to work hard on improving even more. She is really nuts about Karuta. I doubt that she will ever change, not Chihaya, not anytime soon.

Things got a little difficult as it became a little bit tense. Everyone was dead-set on fulfilling their dreams. Chihaya wants to become a queen, Taich wants to become a master, Kanade wants to become one of those Karuta readers, Yuusei probably wants to become a master as well, and Tsutomu wants to help his friends reach their goals with the use of his data.

Meanwhile Arata was improving as well. He finally realized what he was playing for. Even his mentor, the guy who didn’t want to play against him earlier, returned in order to teach him some more. Everyone is growing up I suppose, time truly is a scary thing. Still, I was really looking forward to a match involving Arata.

The final episode was pretty good, but nowhere near the best. I’ve seen better Chihayafuru episodes, but that doesn’t mean that this one was bad though. Definitely not, I was pretty moved at the end. A year had passed and Chihaya was still being her old goofy self, hanging up posters for the Karuta club. The anime was a good, really good, and I would most certainly recommend it to those who like a bit of drama and sports. Go for it!

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Mar 21, 2012

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Chihayafuru episode 24

So it’s another one of those serious episodes with a few hidden comedy scenes, huh? That’s fine, I suppose, but I’m a bit worried about the ending. Next week’s episode is the last of Chihayafuru, but I can’t figure out what they’re planning, I have yet to see a set-up for a good ending. I’m not going to lie; that worries me a little bit.

The episode starts with Chihaya’s visit to Taichi’s house. It seems that Taichi’s mother isn’t particularly fond of Chihaya. I think it’s probably because she thinks that Chihaya got Taichi into “wasting his time” by playing Karuta. A fearsome mother indeed, and that’s why Taichi suggested to watch the queen’s Karuta match up stairs when the rest of the club arrived.

Now the match itself wasn’t anything special. It showed us the Shinobu’s, the current Karuta queen, past and how she came to love Karuta so much. But my god… She has become one chubby little mare, hasn’t she? It seems that she’s been eating a lot of ice cream in order to get some kind of “super rare” and “super cute” items. Women…

The match was though for both Shinobu and Yumin, her opponent, but things soon turned around when Shinobu picked up her own style and started using that infamous accuracy of hers. It didn’t take long before the match was over. Yumin was heartbroken… I sat here while watching her as she cry her eyes out. I felt bad for her, I really did, but I wonder why I could stop smiling? Oh, I remember, it’s because she’s actually an underhanded player.

Next week’s episode will show the masters’ match. How is that an appropriate ending? That’s the last thing I would want to see; some unknown characters playing Karuta. That’s why I’m a little worried, there’s absolutely no sign of an ending, even though last week’s the final episode. I guess we will have to be patient and see what happens.

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Mar 14, 2012

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Chihayafuru episode 23

Finally! It took me three attempts before finally getting a working version of this week’s Chihayafuru. The first two were out of sync and stopped after a few minutes. That is absolutely unacceptable. It’s not HorribleSubs’ fault though, I think it’s because I’m currently using my wireless instead of the usual Ethernet connection.

Anyway, the start of this episode really pissed me off. I cannot believe that Chihaya lost against Yumin, a pathetic little girl that questions every close-call in the hope of scoring an extra point or two. How could such a player be allowed to advance to the finals? It’s simply unacceptable. What’s even stranger is that nobody there disliked her for it. They all seem to think that it’s a normal way of playing Karuta. How could that possibly a normal way of doing anything? I would’ve kicked that lying little mongrel out the door if I caught her doing things like that. And yet nobody, absolutely nobody complained. That’s even stranger.

Meanwhile Chihaya took it pretty hard this time. It’s not because she lost against an opponent who used such tricks, no. Chihaya was upset because she lost her cool. She couldn’t concentrate anymore, lost track of her own style and started making mistakes. The fact that she lost that bet to Akito, the loser would shave their head and whatnot, didn’t even upset her. It was all merely because she lost due to her own shortcomings. Besides, her coach, Harada, already defeated Akito in a match, cancelling the bet between him and Chihaya by doing so. It was either an act or not, but it seemed like he didn’t really care about that bet, the old man just wanted to win.

It was a pretty interesting yet disappointing episode. I hope that Arata wins his upcoming match in order to become Karuta Master. We’ll find out shortly, seeing as Chihayafuru is almost over. The only thing I haven’t seen is a relationship between characters, that’s just a shame. I honestly think that a little bit of romance would do this show good, especially if it’s a love triangle between Arata, Taichi and Chihaya.

Oh, before I forget; the chances of us seeing a second Chihayafuru season are slim to none. It seems that the show isn’t doing so well financially. The show’s financial performance turned out to be very poor. That’s a real shame. What’s wrong Japan, not enough panty shots or wiggling breasts?  Sigh, I suggest you all enjoy the remaining few episodes of Chihayafuru, I know I will!

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Mar 8, 2012

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Chihayafuru episode 22

Chi-chi-chihayafuru timeee~! I have been waiting three days for the new Bakuman episode, so I’m kind of on edge. It’s a good thing that HorribleSubs never let us down by ensuring us that they always have something to release on schedule.

The episode revolves around one single match between Chihaya and a former “queen of Karuta”, a girl named Yumin. My first impressions of here were pretty spot-on. It all comes down to this; I don’t like her. She’s very jealous of others, has no self-confidence whatsoever, likes to give up before the match is even over, and she turned out to be an unfair player, but I’ll get to that later. What’s important here is that Chihaya was on a winning streak. That soon changed when she realized that her opponent had mentally given up. This is when she started playing aggressively, and by doing so making a lot of stupid mistakes. It was very foolish of her, as she could’ve played it safe and slow until the end.

Yumin started retaliating as soon as Chihaya started making mistakes. She regained some confidence in her game and started playing by her old style again. This is when I started hating this character. She thinks it’s necessary to call out on any and all “close call” cards, hoping that I would grant her a win. That’s just dirty and unfair. However, wouldn’t be such an issue if Chihaya wasn’t so impressionable. She would probably end up giving her all the cards.

That’s right; I decided to keep this post short. I found that match very difficult and aggravating to watch. The fact that Chihaya didn’t really fight back was what pissed me off even more. Being nice is one thing, but being a pushover is something else entirely. I hope that she catches up with her whilst growing a pair during next week’s episode.

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