Sep 16, 2011

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Mayo Chiki episode 11

My waiting has been rewarded, it was an very amusing episode. What I like most about it, is that even though it’s the eleventh episode, it’s not the final one.

The episode starts with a pretty normal day in the life of Kinjirou. Subaru comes to pick him up for school, he almost gets hit by Masamune on her new scooter and barely escapes death (That’s right, that’s normal!) and during his time at school he has to deal with the sinister Kanade.

Yep… It went pretty smoothly until Kanade shared her bento during lunchtime on the roof. Little did Subaru know that the Bento contained ingredients cooking in wine and whatnot. Subaru doesn’t really hold her liquor well and just a drop would be enough to get her drunk. In theory this would be every guy’s dream girl, but not for Kinjirou. The drunk Subaru acted all clingy and, thanks to Kanade, licked sauce out of Kinjirou’s neck.

Subaru is laid to rest after that little incident. Little did Kinjirou know that his day was far from over. Kanade suddenly got the hiccup, but not your everyday hiccup, it’s Kanade’s cute hiccup that apparently will attract the attention of any man or woman. During the process of trying to cure Kanade of her hiccups, which was no easy task, she slipped and fell down the stairs at school. Kanade sprained her ankle and was brought to the hospital.

Accidents will happen, but in Kanade’s family they aren’t without consequence. Subaru, who was unable to protect Kanade from getting hurt, was fired. She was no longer Kanade’s butler, so Subaru’s father came over to take care of Kanade.

Subaru ran away after hearing the bad news. But Kinjirou wouldn’t leave it at that and followed Subaru. Finally Subaru stops and Kinjirou caught up. The two quarrel for a little while but Kinjirou just doesn’t want to let her go. Unfortunately Subaru is dead set on leaving, so she says goodbye to Kinjirou. Gently she leans towards him and lands a kiss on his cheek, causing him to panic and pass out. This is it, the next episode is going to be great. Kinjirou will definitely find her, he has to! But it’s clear that Kanade has feelings for Kinjirou too, so I’m rather curious about what she’s going to do about it.

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Sep 11, 2011

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni episode 10

Alright, progress has yet again been made. This episode is the continuation of the last one, starting where the last one ended; prevention of the battle between Class B and F. One thing’s for sure, Yuuji is one sly little bastard.

Yuuji, the mastermind behind it all, planned everything. Voyeur had to take out the messenger of class B, preventing him from relaying any information. Mizuki, in order to take out that messenger, had to make jelly. Because Mizuki is such a horrible cook, it wasn’t all that hard to take out that messenger with the use of her poisonous jelly. Hideyoshi’s mission was to keep tabs on Akihisa, making sure he doesn’t do anything that might endanger the plan. As for Akihisa, well… He drew the short sick. His mission was to provoke Miharu to the point that she would battle him. Needless to say that he succeeded, the battle had just started and it was obvious, when watching the points, that Akihisa couldn’t win this. Yuuji called for support and out of nowhere a small army appears. Instead of doing the expect thing, which would be ganging up on Miharu, they all attacked Akihisa. Apparently Akihisa was a sacrificial pawn in order to get on Miharu’s good side, to prevent class B from attacking.

All’s well ends well. At least for the majority of class F anyway. But it’s not over yet, there’s still something that needs answering. Everyone wants to know what it is that Akihisa said at the end, in order to provoke Miharu into battling him. Voyeur, who recorded the whole conversation, played the tape in which you can hear Akihisa say that he admires, respects and likes Minami. The he does see Minami as a girl, but that he treats her slightly different because she’s one the few girls he can talk openly to. Minami, who was listening at the other side of the door, went home and told her cute little sister that she had fallen hard for Akihisa.

I think that things are going to be even more complicated between them from here on out. Akihisa is not the type to confess out of the blue, and I don’t think that Minami will confess either because she doesn’t want to get hurt again. It’s just a guess on my part, but I think it’ll be a circumstantial situation in which things will happened naturally. But we’ll see what happens.

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Sep 10, 2011

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Mayo Chiki episode 10

Finally got around to watching this episode. I was really looking forward to it.

This episode focuses on Kinjirou’s little sister, Kureha, who’s celebrating her birthday. Now this doesn’t sound all too special, it’s just a birthday. But it seems that Kureha’s birthday is very special to her, because her brother was always there celebrating it with her. But he forgot her birthday last year and went to a concert instead.

Kureha spends her day with Masamune and Nakuru eating, celebrating, playing games and exchanging birthday presents. This is where, as expected, Kanade decides to show up with a present of her very own. She had instructed some nerds at school to create a video game, a video game for Kureha’s birthday. It was a very weird fighting game which displayed Kureha and Kinjirou as ingame characters. Kureha’s character was pretty normal, but Kinjirou’s was messed up… It was wearing nothing but boxers, and his attacks existed of nothing but underwear and cosplay attacks. It was really weird.

But the day isn’t over just yet! Before driving Kureha home, Kanade decided to give Masamune a present of her own. It was yet another weird game; displaying Masamune as a bunny-girl that has to catch a carrot that’s tied to a rope. Even if she catches the carrot, she’ll still be pulled right down by souls and whatnot.

Kureha finally goes home with the use of Kanade and her town car. Once home she’ll find a big box and her precious brother waiting for her. He apologized for forgetting her birthday last year and hopes he can make it up with this. A very touching moment indeed. As long as Kureha doesn’t stop torturing Kinjirou with her wrestling moves, that would be a big no-no.

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Sep 4, 2011

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Mayo Chiki episode 09

Sorry about the delay, I couldn’t find the time to write any sooner. Anyway, I’m very surprised. When I first read about this anime I wasn’t really all that impressed, but without noticing I find myself waiting for it. I really enjoy watching it, it never gets boring.

This episode is basically about Kinjirou helping out Masamune with her job at a maid-café. So yeah, it’s a regular maid-café that has a major staff shortage. Then Nakuru and Kureha also come to work part-time at the maid-café, to earn a bit extra and help out the busty owner. Now how could this possibly be a real Mayo Chiki episode without Subaru and Kanade?

Meanwhile Subaru got dragged into a butler-café by some guy who mistook Subaru for an employee. Subaru tried to explain the situation, but the staff there wouldn’t really listen. Subaru got a bit hot-headed and ended up destroying a door. Now Subaru is forced to work there to pay off the door she destroyed.

Now back to the maid-café, where Kanade is raising hell by making Masamune do all sorts of things. Kanade is really trying to piss of Masamune, making her write on her omelet with ketchup, call her Mistress and a whole lot more. The list goes on. At one point it’s time to close up, but it still isn’t a real Mayo Chiki episode where Kinjirou gets into trouble. Kanade deviously suggested that Kinjirou might have a maid-fetish, which caused all the girls there to distance themselves from him. Kanade’s diabolical plan was going smoothly. Kanade talked Masamune into showing Kinjirou her garter belts in order for them to see if Kinjirou reacts to it. Masamune wanted to know, so she flashed her garter belts and Kinjirou, because of his mental situation, was almost about to give in. But! Kinjirou was saved by the bell, or more specifically; by Subaru who showed  up right on time, after having worked at the butler-café to pay off the door she destroyed.

So Kanade, who seemed to be pleased at how things turned out, took her leave together with Subaru, only to be followed by Kinjirou .Kinjirou wanted to know what Subaru meant in the last episode, it turned out that Subaru only wanted to upgrade the relationship between them from friends to best friends. Kinjirou probably mistook it as an confession of love. I think it’s about time that the relationship between Kinjirou and Subaru goes to the next level, but we’ll see.

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Aug 27, 2011

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Mayo Chiki episode 08

Alright. We have arrived at episode eight, and a great episode it was too. Kinjirou and his lady friends finally arrive at a hot spring. But not just any hot spring, one that is somewhat owned by Kanade’s family. Needless to say that the naughty Kanade is up to no good.

It doesn’t take too long for the story to develop. It’s pretty standard stuff. Kinjirou, unable to fall asleep, decides to get in the hot spring where, as I’m sure you can predict yourself, he finds himself alone with Subaru. Subaru, thinking that she was alone, was startled by Kinjirou’s appearance and freaks out. Now this is where you’ll find an unexpected twist. Subaru’s father suddenly shows up, wanting to bathe in the hot spring himself. Kinjirou quickly hides Subaru behind his back, hoping her father wouldn’t notice. Luckily for him that Subaru’s father isn’t that, shall we say… ‘Sharp’ because he did not notice at all. He just exchanged words with Kinjirou and left after getting annoyed by Kinjirou’s presence.

Yeah.. So that was pretty much it.. NOT! Subaru’s father appears yet again, this time with Subaru’s panties in his hands. The man is furious, thinking Kinjurou was up to no good, and suddenly mounts an attack on Kinjirou. This is where Subaru joins in, merely to give her father a free ticket to dream land with the help of a flying kick, in order to protect Kinjirou. You know how they say that; “what goes up, must come down”? Well they couldn’t be more right. Subaru landed beautifully in front of Kinjirou, completely naked for Kinjirou to see. It didn’t take her much time to send Kinjirou off to dream land as well.

Pretty exciting start for an episode, don’t you think? Well, it’s not over yet! We now arrive at a festival where everyone participates. But before all that, Subaru took Kinjrou, after he found out about it, thanks to her father, to see her mother’s grave. It was an emotion moment, as to be expected, which ended up in a lot of hugging and Kinjirou passing out because of all that hugging.

Now back at that festival where things are getting lively. It seems that someone, you probably already know who, organized a competition where everyone gets a paintball gun. The last person standing gets kissed by Subaru. When all is said and done, it’s between the drunk Nakuru, who defeated Kinjirou’s sister, Kanade and of course Kinjirou. Kanade, who took out pretty much everyone, took hold of Kinjirou’s glasses and threatened to destroy them. The glasses-fetishist Nakuru wouldn’t hear of it and obeyed kanade’s every word. The devious Kanade threw a fake set of glasses in to the air, in order for Nakuru to catch them. Kanade wanted to win no matter what, so she, as expected, took care of Kinjirou too.

Personally, I think it’s only a matter of time before Subaru and Kinjirou find themselves in a relationship. That much is to be expected, but we’ll see what happens.


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