Aug 23, 2014

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Tokyo Ghoul episode 08

I really wanted to keep this post short. I am rather short on time and this episode really disappointed me (I’ll get to that later). Nevertheless, it was a great episode and a lot of good things happened. I would feel ashamed if I didn’t write up a decent post (or something that comes close to that).

[Ohys-Raws] Tokyo Ghoul - 08 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_05.45_[2014.08.22_23.26.51]We know that Hinami lost both her parents to those Doves (that’s what Ghouls call those Ghoul-hunting agents) and that their Kagune’s (personal Ghoul weapon. Unique to each Ghoul I believe) were turned into weapons in order to hunt down and kill Ghouls. Basically, their own weapons, which are part of their bodies, are being turned into external weapons for Doves since guns and knives aren’t as effective as one might hope. To think that those guys would actually lure Hinami to come out by using her mother’s purse as some kind of smell-beacon. And it actually worked…

[Ohys-Raws] Tokyo Ghoul - 08 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_18.24_[2014.08.22_23.27.20]Hinami should praise herself lucky that Touka and Ken both went after her and helped her fight off those two Doves. Ken, unfortunately, did not become that legendary badass that we’ve heard so much about. Nor did his hair turn white. He just whooped a little bit of ass and let his enemy escape before he lost himself to his hunger.

I’m also a bit surprised by Touka. She really seems weak now, even though she took on Shuu a couple of episodes ago. Maybe she needed to feed a bit before she started her fight? I don’t know. All I know is that it took Hinami, which inherited both her parents’ Kagune, to take down that insane Dove, Kureo. Touka may have permanently finished him off, but Hinami’s the one that took him down. I wouldn’t mind seeing her matched up against Ken (for fun, of course).

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Aug 16, 2014

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Tokyo Ghoul episode 07

It was a good episode, but I think it’s too bad that Ken only received his mask at the end of the episode. We’ve already passed the halfway point and Ken has yet to let loose. He is still the same weakling that we have come to know and love.

[Ohys-Raws] Tokyo Ghoul - 07 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_01.39_[2014.08.16_00.01.24]It was painful to see Ken completely helpless as Hinami’s mother was slaughtered by her own husband’s weapon. Those guys are merciless. They think that Ghoul are the monsters, but Ghouls still kill to eat (most of them do anyway). They kill because they actually seem to enjoy it. That guy, Kureo I believe, couldn’t stop smiling as he tore apart Hinami’s mother. And Ken? He just stood there watching because he knew that it would be suicidal to fight them. Rough scenes like that are really heavy on the mind. Your average viewer cannot help but sympathize with Hinami and the ever so helpless Ken.

[Ohys-Raws] Tokyo Ghoul - 07 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_12.56_[2014.08.16_00.01.49]I’m glad to see that Touka took it personal. She decided to go out and fight those guys. It surprised me to see how little damage she did. She could take on that young agent because he didn’t have his weapon with him, but that old guy showed up and nearly whooped her ass. You can consider Tokyo Ghoul dropped instantly if Touka were to die like that.

Now then… Will Ken finally get that power boost that we all have been waiting for? Will he become that legendary, one-eyed Ghoul that we have heard so much about? I doubt it. It’s been going so slow and he only just received that mask. I doubt a mask could give a Ghoul more power, so I’m guessing we’ll be watching a couple of episodes with him training.

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Aug 9, 2014

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Tokyo Ghoul episode 06

Wicked! Put your hands in the air and go crazy as though you just don’t care! Man, what an awesome episode! We finally got to see what Touka’s capable of. Was it worth the one week wait? Hell yeah. I wouldn’t have minded to wait two weeks for this one.

[Ohys-Raws] Tokyo Ghoul - 06 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_04.44_[2014.08.08_23.40.15]So Touka turned up the heat (literally I think) and grew angel’s wings that looked like they were on fire. It was awesome. She was everywhere. She gained a speed increase, a power increase and I’m pretty sure her reflexes improved. She was all over the place and Shuu, arguably the show’s biggest psychopath, didn’t know how to react. He decided to change his plan a little by eating that girl, Nishiki’s (girl)friend, in order to get stronger. That’s when Touka pounced on him like a wild tiger and practically tore the guy apart. I really hope this was enough to kill him.

[Ohys-Raws] Tokyo Ghoul - 06 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_18.32_[2014.08.08_23.40.37]I also think it’s time for those agents to die. They are attacking the Fueguchi family now and want to kill both of them, which would be a terrible waste. I kind of like Hinami-chan. She brings out Ken’s good side. That old guy is far worse than your average Ghoul, so why not kill that character off already? He, pretty much like Ghouls, likes to kill. The only difference is that he does it for fun and Ghouls do it to eat.

Now, I am really hoping that Ken gets there in time to prevent Hinami (and her mother too) from getting killed by those. But more than that, I truly hope that Ken’s true power surfaces. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of him with white hair and a wicked mask. I hope the next episode will show him going wild. I think we’ve waited long enough…

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Aug 2, 2014

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Tokyo Ghoul episode 05

Damn you! Damn you to hell and beyond! It’s hard for me to wait a week for another episode of Tokyo Ghoul to begin with, but now they end this episode with a huge cliff-hanger where Touka is about to show us her abilities.

[Ohys-Raws] Tokyo Ghoul - 05 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_08.13_[2014.08.01_23.59.19]I was actually a bit surprised to learn that Touka really did get sick from eating her friend’s human food. I thought it was Touka, you know? It’s Touka, a powerful and experienced Ghoul. She wouldn’t get sick from one bite of human food I thought. Boy, she definitely got sick alright. She even ended up staying home instead of going to school.

I was also a bit surprised to find out that Nishiki, the guy that tried to kill Ken and his best friend, was still alive after Ken defeated him. I don’t like him. I don’t think I’ll ever like that character. So what if he is friends with a human girl and that he wants to keep her safe at all cost? That doesn’t change what he did to Ken and his friend. What goes around comes around.

[Ohys-Raws] Tokyo Ghoul - 05 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_22.42_[2014.08.01_23.59.54]So this sick Ghoul, Shuu Tsukiyama, is still completely obsessed with Ken. He wants nothing more than to find a perfect time and place to eat him up. Nothing is too small or expensive or dangerous for him to achieve just that. I mean, he kidnapped Nishiki’s girlfriend in order to lure Ken over. His plan was to eat Ken while Ken eats her. How messed up is that?

I’ll just leave it at that. I won’t go on about Shuu’s insanity. I just want to see what Touka is capable of. She is definitely stronger than Nishiki, but is she stronger than that insane pervert? We’ll find out next week, but I want to know now. I want to see what Touka can do, how her power works and how Ken reacts to that… God… Please let this week go by fast.

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Jul 26, 2014

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Tokyo Ghoul episode 04

Do you know what I hate about Tokyo Ghoul? The pace. It’s too damn slow. Ken still doesn’t know anything. He knows nothing about how the Ghoul world works and has no idea how to defend himself or remain in control when his Ghoul side takes over.

[Ohys-Raws] Tokyo Ghoul - 04 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_10.15_[2014.07.25_23.32.39]I do like the fact that everything’s so detailed. A few episodes ago they focused on how Ghouls can’t eat human food without getting sick, so they have to pretend to eat it and barf it up afterwards. Digesting it could prove dangerous. Touka ate a bit what her friend prepared for her and she insisted on digesting it. She did not want to spit it out because it was her friend that gave it to her. Now that is impressive! They focus on how rough it is on Ghouls and what it could do to them, yet Touka went through with it. I wonder if she actually could get sick from a small bite like that.

[Ohys-Raws] Tokyo Ghoul - 04 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_20.43_[2014.07.25_23.32.56]So this guy, Shuu, shows up and wants to be friends with Ken. Never mind the possibility of Ken being the strongest creature out there. I want to know how Ken can be so incredibly naïve. He knew that he was following a Ghoul… Did he learn absolutely nothing from his encounters with Rize or Nishiki? It’s about time he grew up a bit.

I’m also a little bit disappointed in his lack of ability. He loses control quite easily when he is in danger (probably survival instinct), but he has no control and he has no idea how to use that power. He’s like a little boy with a hand grenade. Renji needs to train him more in order to prepare him for what’s out there. Ken stands no chance right now.

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