Oct 7, 2015

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This is one of the few shows that I will never understand. I just don’t understand it. I can’t fully appreciate the artwork and the story is something that escapes me every single time. I managed to watch the very first season but after that…

OwarimonogatariThe artwork is phenomenal. There is no doubt about the level of detail. It’s the real deal. However, I just can’t fully appreciate its style. I find it rather hard to watch and that results in me losing interest in it.

I’ve been told that these series all got a great story. However, the artwork kind of makes it harder for me to fully appreciate it. It escapes my understanding, I guess…

I simply cannot say that I don’t recommend it. I myself aren’t that interested in this, but a lot of others are. The sales, reviews and ratings are proof of that. I suggest you give this a fair try.

Plot Summary: During the month of October of his third year in high school, Koyomi Araragi is introduced to a transfer student named Ougi Oshino by his underclassman Kanbaru Suruga. Ougi tells Koyomi that she has something she wishes to consult with him. When she draws the map of Naoestu High School, she finds something peculiar. This discovery reveals a tale that wasn’t meant to be told, and this makes Koyomi’s high school life totally different. This is the story that brings to light “what” makes Koyomi Araragi. This is the story that reveals the “beginning” of everything.

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Oct 5, 2015

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Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Returns 2

I dropped the first season after three episodes. It was so incredibly boring and childish that I couldn’t force myself to watch it any longer. This really just isn’t for me.

Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Returns 2The artwork is what draws you in. I’ll admit that. It looks nice and perhaps sometimes a little bit childish, but overall it’s pretty nice.

For me it’s the story that does it. It’s filled with rather predictable and sometimes even childish crimes. The culprit is very obvious a lot of the time and I think that that’s unforgivable in a detective show.

I personally won’t recommend this. I won’t be following it and I certainly won’t give the second episode another try because I am not interested in being disappointed again.

Plot Summary: Hajime Kindaichi, Miyuki, and Kenmochi arrive Hong Kong to visit a grand opening of a new hotel and its magic show. What they don’t know yet is that Yōichi Takatō, Kindaichi’s long time nemesis, is pulling strings behind the curtain, and the trio once again get involved in a murder case that can be traced to a secret hidden for 18 years.

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Oct 5, 2015

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Animators all over the world must be shocked by this one. I cannot believe what I saw. I haven’t even heard of the studios that created this crap, much less about any of their works. This is just dreadful.

KagewaniThe artwork… I’m sorry, but I refuse to call this artwork. This is not art. This is just hideous, cheap and hard to watch. They say that it’s supposed to be mysterious and a little bit scary; it’s not. It’s dreadful and boring.

There is no point to whatever story this show contains. It’s boring as hell and certainly not worth spending five minutes a week on.

I suggest you look elsewhere. This really isn’t worth wasting your time on. Do something else with your five minutes. Go masturbate or something.

Plot Summary: Mysterious monsters called “UMA” suddenly appear in the present day and attack humans. The scientist Sōsuke Banba pursues the truth with the keyword “Kagewani,” a word that literally means “Shadow Crocodile.”

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Jul 16, 2015

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Gakkou Gurashi!

A lot of people are going nuts over this one. I do not see it. It seemed to me like another boring slice of life anime. It could be that it just had a rough start, but to me it seems like nothing special.

Gakkou Gurashi!The artwork is okay. The characters look alright, although I think the cat-girl look has been done to death. They gave Yuki a cat-girl hat and a cat-girl frown from time to time in order to draw out a few laughs. Meh…

The story eludes me. I cannot even remember where I got lost. I have been told that it’s more than just a slice of life anime where school girls go about their business. It’s supposedly about to become quite interesting…

I haven’t seen anything exciting yet. It looked like just another boring slice of life anime to me. Maybe the second episode will change my opinion…

Plot Summary: Four girls decide to stay over at school: the energetic Yuki Takeya, the shovel-loving Kurumi, the center of the group Yūri who brings everyone together, and the spacey school adviser Megu. However, through mysterious circumstances, the girls find themselves the final survivors in a zombie attack, and continue to live at the school.

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Jul 8, 2015

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Rokka no Yuusha

Okay, okay… I think I’ve have a good enough grasp on this show to write a decent review. I hope. Quite interesting that fairly new studios manage to do such a good job when you compare their anime to some of the works from older, well-known studios.

Rokka no YuushaI am not going to say that this is better. The artwork looks pretty good and I am already quite fond of the characters and the level of detail, but I feel as though things are only going to get better if I keep watching it. Can it actually improve?

I also think that this is a story that I could follow from start to finish. It seems really interesting and I’m a sucker for “chose one” stories, even if there are seven of them. I think this will keep me entertained for quite a while.

I do recommend this. I seems interesting and I have high hopes for it. The story also has a good enough foundation for me to say that this could really turn out to be something amazing.

Plot Summary: When the Majin awoke from the depths of darkness, the deity of fate chose six heroes and bequeathed them with the power to save the world. Adlet, a boy who proclaims himself the strongest on Earth, was selected among the Rokka no Yūsha (Braves of the Six Flowers), and he goes to the rendezvous point — but seven have gathered there. The heroes suspect that someone among the seven is the enemy, and the initial suspicion falls on Adlet.

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