Oct 8, 2011

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Manyuu Hiken-chou episodes 11 & 12

Alright, I suppose I really should write something about the last episodes. Well, Manyuu Hiken-chou may not have been the best and most serious of anime, but it was very unique. Sure, the entire plot is bullshit, the story isn’t something one should take seriously and there was only one fansub group (SubDesu) actually willing to sub this. Still, I found this anime worth writing about, especially when you look at some of the other anime that was aired during the summer.

First thing’s first, SubDesu; thank you for the subs!

Now to the actual anime, I’m confused. From episode eight till approximately ten they have been focusing on Chifusa’s past, her big breast training and the past of other characters. But with these last two episodes they seemed to have rushed the entire thing.

In the last episodes Chifusa and Kaede met up with a woman who would be able to teach Chifusa a lot of things about her powers. What should have happened over a number of episodes, happened within two episodes. The woman showed Chifusa a new way of taking breasts, a way that brings pleasure instead of pain.

Chifusa seemed to have understood; she practiced the technique and learned how to take breasts as well as give them without any pain.

The last episode was the strangest of all; Chifusa’s sisters and brothers were at her doorstep, wanting to bring her back home. But not before she had herself a rematch with Ouka. It ended pretty quickly, Chifusa finished it quickly and ended up giving Ouka her breasts back. What confuses me here is that Ouka, who should’ve been happy that her breasts had been restored, was actually pretty pissed off.

Chifusa, having been ambushed by her family, bows down to them and greets them. They were surprised to learn that Chifusa gained the ability to restore breasts. I think it’s because of that, that they allowed Chifusa and Kaede to resume their quest without any trouble.

It was a very strange end, considering the trouble they had caused for Chifusa. But we must all keep in mind that we cannot take this story seriously. If you have nothing else to watch and are up for a laugh; go for it!

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Sep 14, 2011

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Manyuu Hiken-chou episodes 08 & 09

Well.. It’s Wednesday, so there’s basically very little to watch. So I decided to catch up on Manyuu Hiken-chou. Why not, right? Well, I’ll tell you why not; the show is starting to get annoying. Nothing ever really changes… It’s still about breasts, Chifusa is still being targeted, Kaede is still with Chifusa and bigger is supposedly still better.

Episode eight is just one big drag. Chifusa and Kaede arrive at Sanjyuu after having traveled for so long. But all they find is Lord Mie, who is uncover, on the prowl for big breasts. That’s what this entire episode is about, that man and his obsession for breasts.

At one point Chifusa gets captured by someone from the Manyuu. Kaede and Lord Mie set out to save her. The man walks in, sees a scratch on one of Chifusa’s breasts and goes completely berserk. He defeats an small army like it’s nothing, screaming “Oppai!” every time he wipes out an enemy. And now Chifusa, up against the same man who kidnapped her, defeats her kidnapper with easy, saying that she memorized his style and speed. This episode was just one big disaster. I like comedy, but this is something else entirely.

Now we arrive at episode nine, which wasn’t that much better. But, if anything, it was slightly different from usual. This time it’s Kaede who got all the attention. Kaede, during their travels through the woods, stumbles on something, falls down a hill and lands ass first on a man’s face. The man was being chased by, surprise, a bunch of girls from the Manyuu.

Once Chifusa took care of those three idiots, the man put on his glasses and saw Kaede. He wanted to paint her, because he saw Kaede as the perfect woman. Later it turns out that he wanted to paint Keade naked because of her small breasts. He sees small breasts as the future and thinks of big breasts as nothing but useless flabs of fat.

Kaede, feeling insulted and confused, flees the inn, only to be surprised by those three idiots from the Manyuu again. She was just about to be attacked when that painting moron jumps in and launches some sort of freaky butt-attack. Chifusa now joins in, finds out the truth about those three and defeats them for the second time.

In the end Kaede decided to let that man paint her anyway, but that she wouldn’t stay by his side because she wanted to continue her journey with Chifusa, to one day regain her breasts. It’s a good thing that there are only twelve episodes to this anime, meaning that it should get interesting really soon, I hope. Otherwise I really do predict a shitty ending, and that would be unforgivable.

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Aug 30, 2011

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Manyuu Hiken-chou episode 07

And once again it’s boobies time! But seriously, this anime is getting more and more fanatic about breasts. I didn’t even think that was possible, lol. It went from taking tits to making money with them, giving them, taking them for your own and now training them as a weapon. Only in Japan.

This episode started immediately with naked breasts in your screen. But not just one pair, oh no.. Why show just one pair, when you could show like half a dozen of ‘em? So yeah, here we are in this bath house with like half a dozen of naked women, when suddenly someone mounts an attack on the landlady’s breasts, causing the landlady to lose her precious, well-rounded breasts. But this attack is different from Chifusa’s breasts attacks. When Chifusa uses her skill, she takes the breasts of her target, causing her own breasts to get bigger. But in this case, the landlady’s breasts were taken but the breasts of the attacker did not grow larger.

After that unfortunate event, you’ll find Chifusa and Kaede in some sort of inn, where the two get massaged after a long and painful training session. Both the girls got approached by this old lady, after their massage was finished, that told Chifusa and Kaede about the recent breast attacks. Chifusa immediately suspected that someome from the Manyuu, who hold the ability to take away breasts, was behind all of the attacks.

Chifusa and Kaede decided to take action. Both of them went to the home of the next target, which turned out to be some fat old hag with big breasts and a much bigger mouth. Chifusa and Kaede both applied for the position of bodyguard, in order to protect that fatty and catch the culprit, who obtained the name of “Oppai Kozo” which loosely translated means; Boobie Kid. The fatty hired Chifusa almost right away, but she decided to throw Kaede out. The fatty refused to have anything to do with Kaede because of her small breasts. But then some unknown female swordsman shows up, also applying for the job. She too was denied because of her lacking breast-size. She, unlike Kaede, was not satisfied and decided to show the fatty was she could do. Quickly she unsheathed her blade, made one swing with it and cut off Chifusa’s top, exposing her huge breasts to the public. The fatty took notice and decided to hire her as well, just to be on the safe side.

Night is approaching and so it’s time to go to bed. The culprit, out of nowhere, sneaks in and stealthy mounts an attack on Chifusa’s breasts, not knowing that she was only pretending to be asleep. The culprit somehow recognized Chifusa’s breasts and called out her name, causing Chifusa to react and quickly stand up. The culprit, after getting passed that female swordsman with the use of a smoke bomb, flees to safety.

Both Chifusa and that female swordsman decided to chase her. Chifusa ended up in a dead-end road with piles of wood and whatnot, only to be surprised by that Boobie Kid again. The Boobie Kid removed her mask and showed herself to Chifusa. After hearing out the Boobie Kid, who turned out to be none other than Chifusa’s masseuse, Chifusa decided to ask the Boobie Kid for help. But now that female swordsman joins the party, and mounts an attack on both of them. Chifusa, wanting to protect that girl, got in the way and got her breasts sliced for the first time. It was a short-lived battle, but Chifusa was outmatched. The Boobie Kid pushed some construction material and whatnot onto that female swordsman and they managed to escape. However, that girl did not escape safely, she received an serious cut during their escape, causing her life to be in serious danger. Once escaped, they return to that inn, so that they could start treating her wound.

This was a serious eye-opener for Chifusa. She realized that she had to train a lot more before she could take on that female swordsman on equal terms. I think, based on all the anime I’ve seen so far, that she is going to train and discover some new power. I know, I know.. It sounds pretty standard, but come on, doesn’t it usually go like that? Either way, I think we’re going to find out in the next episode.

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Aug 16, 2011

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Manyuu Hiken-chou episode 05

Here we go again. Chifusa, who’s breasts have once again grown larger, finds herself in another village together with her companion Kaede. The episode starts with Chifusa shaking dice while men stare at her giant breasts. For your average anime, this would sound weird, but this is Manyuu Hiken-Chou, where things like this are perfectly normal.

This episode centers around a family who lost their mother. The mother, who’s breasts were huge, passed away due to an illness, leaving the husband and children to fend for themselves.

The episode starts with a women who was sexually harassed by four  unknown individuals. Chifusa and Kaede came to her aid right away. Kaede attempted to chase the culprits but got caught up in a trap and ended up with a cold because of it.

After that Chifusa meets the husband, who’s wife has passed away. She thinks of him as a pathetic little man, because he can’t get it together. So Chifusa decided to have a little talk with him, with the intention of helping him. The man soon walks away after getting a bit emotional.

Now we go back to a house, where the attacked woman is resting on a futon, explaining to all the present people how and where she was attacked. This all led to half the village, including Chifusa and Kaedo, who seemed to have gotten over her cold, to go look for the four unknown culprits.

Now they are walking along this countryside dirt road where, coincidentally, all the men seem to encouter one trap after the other, leaving only Chifusa and Kaede. At the end of the dirt road they encouter the four culprits, who seemed to be ecstatic about Chifusa’s huge breasts. Suddenly the four all jump at Chifusa, who simply knocked them all back down. After removing all the straw and whatnot, it turned out that the culprits were all children. The same children who’s mother had passed away. As it turns out, they only jump women with very large breasts, because their mother had large breasts. They simply wanted some motherly love, so it seems.

The four are returned to their father, who, at the time, had his hand on the attacked woman’s breast.  Chifusa and Kaede explained everything to both of them, making them understand why the children did what they did. The woman, who seems to have replaced their mother and his wife, no longer seemed to mind.

At the end we see Chifusa’s sister Kagefusa questioning a man about Chifusa’s whereabouts. I think it’s only be a matter of time before she catches up. The real question is, was is she planning to do?

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Aug 10, 2011

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Manyuu Hiken-chou episode 04

Alright. Strange, this show. The episodes are released and subbed very irregularly.

Anyway, I finished watching this episode and the story hasn’t changed very much. Although there was a small twist, you see.. There was this girl named Kaeda, this girl had a very large pair of breasts. But instead of showing them off, she wanted them smaller, so that she could dive properly and catch whatnot at the bottom of the ocean.

Then Kaeda’s youger sister gets captured by a perverted squid, who rubs it’s slimey tentacles all over her body. After that Chifusa and Kaeda dive into the ocean to battle the squid. Things didn’t all go as planned, but it ended in Kaeda killing the squid, but losing her big breasts at the hands of Chifusa. So yeah, yet another happy ending was achieved in this episode.

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