Jul 14, 2013

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Choujigen Game Neptune: The Animation

Did I really just see that? I’m confused. Is this show about busty girls transforming all over the place to fight monsters? Is it about a group of girls trying to get their countries sorted out without having to go to war or something? I don’t know.

Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation

The artwork isn’t the problem here. It looks pretty good; the characters look pretty cute, they all have decent-sized breasts to make most of the viewer’s happy, plus there are dozens of interesting transformations that you can see, how nice.

I lost track because of the story here. I have no idea what to expect from this or what they’re trying to accomplish. They dropped one or two hints, that I must admit, but it didn’t stop me from getting confused.

Comedy fans with an appetite for busty characters; enjoy. It’s really hard to recommend this show to other people because I have no idea what it’s about yet. It’s still too vague. Watch the first two episodes if you are thinking about giving this a chance.

Plot Summary: This is Gamindustri. Beings called the Goddesses rule the countries of this unreal world. The four Goddesses govern four states: Planeptune, Lastation, Lowee, and Leanbox. For many long years, these countries fought each other over the Shares, the source of the Goddess power.

However, fearful that the conflict would pointlessly erode their countries’ strength, the Goddesses signed a Friendship Treaty forbidding them from taking Shares by force.

Under the treaty, the Goddesses and their younger sisters took a step forward to a new stage in their relations. It was the dawn of a new, dynamic era marked occasionally by shared laughter, disputes as well cooperation.

What does the future hold in store for Gamindustri?

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Jul 8, 2013

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Genshiken Nidaime

Genshiken, quite possibly one the weirdest series when it comes to the slice of life genre. This season is filled with them, but at least this one is funny and shows a lot of promise. It’s something I could actually watch with a smile on my face.

Genshiken NidaimeThe artwork really matches the story. One can clearly tell that character expressions are very important when it comes to Genshiken Nidaime. Even I must honestly admit that I laughed a lot because of that.

I don’t think I need to tell anything about the story. There are very few people nowadays that don’t know about the Genshiken series. It’s all about manga, anime and how the characters in this show live with it.

It goes without saying that I recommend this show. I do advise you to get a bit caught up with earlier works, but I guess that’s option. This isn’t actually a continuation of anything, but it would be worth it to watch the earlier shows.

Plot Summary: Genshiken follows the lives of a group of college students drawn together by their shared hobbies, and the trials and adventures associated with being otaku. Genshiken Nidaime (“Second Generation”) is a continuation of the previous series, with chapter numbering starting at

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Apr 12, 2013

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Hayate no Gotoku! Cuties

Is it really necessary to make even more of this? Hayate no Gotoku! has been milked out. There’s nothing in there anymore, and that fact that the ratings have been down proves that. I refuse to believe that this is still popular in Japan. It’s certainly not worth a fourth season, that’s for sure.

Hayate no Gotoku! CutiesThe artwork, unfortunately, is still the same as ever. It’s not unsightly or anything like that, but it’s not really that impressive. Frankly, I get bored quite easily when watching this. That’s why I still have yet to finish the third season. I just couldn’t get myself to watch any more than I already have.

It’s the story that’s the problem here… How can they keep it interesting after all this time? It’s the fourth season now, yet they think they can keep things interesting by doing the same with different characters in the picture. It’s rapidly getting boring.

Unfortunately, I must give this a negative recommendation. The first season was good, the second wasn’t bad either, but it started going downhill as soon as the third season arrived. It seemed, to me at least, that they couldn’t keep things interesting any more. It got predictable and it sometimes seemed as though you were watching something you’d already seen before.

Plot Summary: Taking place after the events that occurred in Hayate no Gotoku! CAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU. Hayate, Nagi and Maria return to their daily life at the Violet Mansion. Each episode will focus on a different character(s) and follow a different route for that episode.

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Apr 11, 2013

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Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W

Oh no. Dear god, no… That perverted girl, that lesbian girl, that dull girl that gay guy and the violent one… They are all back. Run for your sanity! Oh. My. God…! I almost forgot; that freakishly mutated Charizard is back too. Here comes the madness…

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san WThe artwork hasn’t changed. Nyaruko is still the same old pervert, Cthuko still has lust in her eyes, Hasta still has that same gay spring in his step and Mahiro is still carrying forks around in order to prevent being raped by Nyaruko.

I’m guessing it’s the story that’s different now. They all have a past now, so they’re probably going to introduce a few new characters during the next few weeks, not to mention all the (good) shows that are going to get raped in the form of many strange parodies.

Do I still recommend it though? I don’t know. I have to be honest when saying that I’ve had my fill of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san. Do I actually want to see another season of this? Maybe. It’s definitely funny as hell, but I doubt that I’ll write about it with all the other amazing shows this season.

Plot Summary: Nyaruko still wants Mahiro, as does Hasuta. Kūko wants Nyaruko, but believes both Nyaruko’s and Mahiro’s “first time” belongs to her. Yoriko (the mom) puts up with all of it and cheerfully runs the house where they all live. Mahiro just wants some sanity. He doesn’t want to be the love toy of a Nyarlathotepan, Cthughan, or a shots-like Hasturan. He may or may not hold out.

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Oct 24, 2012

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Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de

Well, this one sure arrived late. Still, I’m glad it arrived in the end. This anime is right up my alley. It’s funny, ecchi and filled with action. Sure, it could use a lot of work, but come on… I can’t go around giving negative reviews based on just a few things that could use some improvement.

The artwork is pretty interesting. Not great, but not bad either. The characters in this show are supposed to represent characters from Nintendo and Sega. Characters like Sonic, Zelda or the Mario Brothers. I really think the characters could use a lot more works. Hell, at least give them some recognizable features.

Unfortunately, the story is rather disappointing. Hell, it’s rather uninteresting. The entire show consists of things from games, things that other people have created. How could I, or any anime fan for that matter, possibly approve of that?

I admit that I was waiting for this, but not because it’s good. It’s not. It’s ecchi, has action and can be pretty funny at times. That’s what I like to see. However, I don’t recommend this. I could only recommend this to ecchi fans that don’t mind watching something without a good story. The rest will just have to keep searching for something else.

Plot Summary: In the battle for supremacy in Consume continent between parodical Segua (Sega) Kingdom and Ninteldo (Nintendo) Empire, the light-footed Gear (Sonic) appeared to defend his kingdom from the threat of Ninteldo’s powerful emperor, Marcus (Mario).

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