Sep 24, 2011

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni episode 12

Well, the second season is nearing its end, and they made yet another weird episode. I read a little bit of the manga, and I can’t remember this being in it, I really can’t.

It started out with class F’s mass summon. It seems that their summons have all changed shaped, probably due to another glitch. The summons show a person’s true nature, and this caused a lot of ruckus. There was so much ruckus that people from other classes (in this particular case there were 2 students from class A and Minami’s little sister) that showed up because of it.

This completely escalated and gave birth to yet another weird school event. There was some sort of ghost town attraction that you had to complete without being defeated by students from other classes. Yeah, I know, but it’s not as weird as it sounds. I have to admit, even though it doesn’t really fit into the story, I did laugh quite a lot. Especially when Minami called forth her summon and it turned out to be a flat wall, because of her flat chest and whatnot. The other characters played that off really well.

Anyway, next week is this season’s last episode, it’s obvious that they are going to finish the season by continuing this week’s episode. I do hope that even if they do continue it, that at least something happens between Aki, Minami and/or Mizuki.

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Sep 18, 2011

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni episode 11

Well the new episode is here, but I was not happy when I started watching it. The entire episode is about Yuuji and Shouko’s past. Normally I’d be happy about episodes like these, but I learned absolutely nothing new. So yeah, I pretty much think that the episode was wasted.

It shows Yuuji and Shouko when they were little, doing chores together, going home together and getting passed difficult times together. Apparently Yuuji was her first friend to treat her just like everyone else.

Yuuji however was an obnoxious brat, like many people probably already knew. He was one of the smarter kids and saw, treated and spoke about the other kids as though they were inferior to him in practically every way. But not Shouko, he treated her very differently and she was always interested in him.

One day he pissed of some of his seniors and they decided to sabotage his clothes, but Shouko showed up and tried to stop them. Yuuji came back to see if the seniors had fallen into his trap, only to find out that Shouko was caught in the middle of it. He ended up helping out Shouko by fighting off those other kids. That was when Shouko fell in love with him and decided that she’d stay by his side forever.

This information was pretty much known, they had shown glimpses and scenes of their past already, so I can’t figure out why they went into the specifics at this point, seeing as the second season is nearing it’s end.

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Sep 11, 2011

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni episode 10

Alright, progress has yet again been made. This episode is the continuation of the last one, starting where the last one ended; prevention of the battle between Class B and F. One thing’s for sure, Yuuji is one sly little bastard.

Yuuji, the mastermind behind it all, planned everything. Voyeur had to take out the messenger of class B, preventing him from relaying any information. Mizuki, in order to take out that messenger, had to make jelly. Because Mizuki is such a horrible cook, it wasn’t all that hard to take out that messenger with the use of her poisonous jelly. Hideyoshi’s mission was to keep tabs on Akihisa, making sure he doesn’t do anything that might endanger the plan. As for Akihisa, well… He drew the short sick. His mission was to provoke Miharu to the point that she would battle him. Needless to say that he succeeded, the battle had just started and it was obvious, when watching the points, that Akihisa couldn’t win this. Yuuji called for support and out of nowhere a small army appears. Instead of doing the expect thing, which would be ganging up on Miharu, they all attacked Akihisa. Apparently Akihisa was a sacrificial pawn in order to get on Miharu’s good side, to prevent class B from attacking.

All’s well ends well. At least for the majority of class F anyway. But it’s not over yet, there’s still something that needs answering. Everyone wants to know what it is that Akihisa said at the end, in order to provoke Miharu into battling him. Voyeur, who recorded the whole conversation, played the tape in which you can hear Akihisa say that he admires, respects and likes Minami. The he does see Minami as a girl, but that he treats her slightly different because she’s one the few girls he can talk openly to. Minami, who was listening at the other side of the door, went home and told her cute little sister that she had fallen hard for Akihisa.

I think that things are going to be even more complicated between them from here on out. Akihisa is not the type to confess out of the blue, and I don’t think that Minami will confess either because she doesn’t want to get hurt again. It’s just a guess on my part, but I think it’ll be a circumstantial situation in which things will happened naturally. But we’ll see what happens.

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Aug 16, 2011

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Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni episode 06

Ah here we go again. Class F is once again up to no good. Yuuji, Akihisa, Hideyoshi and Kouta are all victims of Aiko’s mercilessness.

It turned out that someone placed spy camera’s in the girls’ bathing area. And it’s class F, or mainly those four idiots, who are being labelled as the culprits. But the guys all claim to be innocent, and wanting to prove their innocence, they head out for the girls’ bathing area.

After a failed attempt they learn, thanks to the devious Aiko, that one of the spy camera’s  is still in place. The four idiots, still wanting to prove their innocence, gather the entire class and start plotting their attack.

Finally the time has come, it’s now or never. The students of Class F, who have been devided in multiple divisions, led each by one the four idiots, start their rush towards the girls’ bathing area. But quickly their way is blocked by the teachers and female students, who all wish to protect the ‘purity’ of that place. After a short and hopeles struggle, it became very clear that the boys of Class F stood no chance against such opponents.

In the end all the boys ended up apologizing for their misbehaviour. All but Yuuji and Akihisa, who both knew that it didn’t matter if they apologized or not, they’d still be in big trouble.

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