Jul 28, 2015

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Working!!! episode 04

Another interesting episode. I find that these episodes can be quite misleading when it comes to the Working series. You think something’s about to happen due to the amount of progress some characters seem to be making, only to feel betrayed afterwards.

[HorribleSubs] Working!!! - 04 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.51_[2015.07.28_00.06.47]So Jun and Yachiyo’s relationship has been progressing quite nicely since last week. Yachiyo knew that there’s a girl that Jun likes, she just doesn’t know who that girl is, which makes it a little harder for her to approach him. She realizes that she doesn’t want him to be just a friend anymore. She wants something more, but she doesn’t know what that is. She’s socially quite awkward and doesn’t know much about relationship or love in general, which only ends up making things harder. We’ve reached a point where I want it to be over with; let them become an item already. It’s been long enough.

[HorribleSubs] Working!!! - 04 [720p].mkv_snapshot_18.00_[2015.07.28_00.07.01]The unexpected twist during this episode was when souta started to see Mahiru a little differently. He thought that she was cute, even though, in his mind at least, only adorable things (like children and little animals) are usually the only things he finds cute. Quite the interesting development no matter how you look at it.

But hey, it’ll probably be like Jun and Yachiyo; it’ll be milked until it completely stops being funny. That whole awkwardness between Jun and Yachiyo stopped being funny last season, so I wonder how fast this will stop being funny. There really aren’t a lot of possibilities when we’re talking about a girl that doesn’t like to communicate with people from the opposite sex.

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Jul 26, 2015

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Himouto! Umaru-chan episode 03

Well, it was to be expected that they would add a new character soon. I’m sure there’ll be more showing up soon, but this particular character really stands out. I’m honestly not sure I even like her from what I’ve seen so far.

[HorribleSubs] Himouto! Umaru-chan - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_09.25_[2015.07.25_23.52.47]I’m talking about Kirie-chan. She’s a shy, evil-looking girl that followed Umaru around like a stalker in order to return something of hers. I just don’t like the idea of Kirie thinking that she met Umaru’s little sister. It’s way too farfetched and strange. Why not just let Kirie discover Umaru’s little secret? Kirie has no other friends that she can talk to, so why not? Maybe the two could build a friendship that would last a lifetime if that happened. But this is just strange. Her entire personality is just strange; she instantly became chibi Umaru’s servant and she seems to worship the perfect Umaru. That’s not really healthy.

[HorribleSubs] Himouto! Umaru-chan - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_23.13_[2015.07.25_23.53.21]I’m guessing that that blue-haired girl, Sylphy or whatever her name was, will also become one of the regulars. She keeps popping up and I’m sure she’ll continue to do so as long as perfect Umaru’s walking around. Every time Umaru does well, which is pretty much most of the time, she seems to appear out of nowhere.

I think the ending was the best part. It was so funny that I actually fell of my chair. I think this may have been the first time that Umaru really relied on her brother for something other than money or help. What made it so funny is how he chose to prioritize the laundry over his frightened little sister. I saw that scene three times in a row. It didn’t stop being funny.

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Jul 21, 2015

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Working!!! episode 03

I never thought I would say this about a Working episode, but this one turned out to be quite productive. I can’t remember the last episode where any of the characters made any progress on the romance front.

[HorribleSubs] Working!!! - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.46_[2015.07.20_23.33.07]I never quite understood why Souta’s sister kept showing up at the restaurant. All she does is drink and screw around with pretty boys. She even decided to give poor Yachiyo some poor advice; to buy new underwear before she went out drinking with Jun-kun. Not every girl spreads her legs like she does. I wonder why Souta doesn’t just speak up for once, seeing as he knows that his sister likes sleep around after a couple of drinks. Just do the usual; hold an intervention and send her packing to one of those clinics that help people with addictions like that.

[HorribleSubs] Working!!! - 03 [720p].mkv_snapshot_20.22_[2015.07.20_23.33.25]I don’t even want to focus on Aoi’s desire to be petted by Souta nowadays. Nor do I want to focus on Hiroomi’s disturbing desire to constantly mess around with his colleagues. He wanted to stalk Jun on his date so badly… How sad is that!? That guy needs to stop being so damn nosy otherwise he’ll never make any friends.

But yeah, Jun and Yachiyo finally went on a date. I doubt that Yachiyo sees it as such, but that hug at the end was quite something! To most this doesn’t mean a thing, but to Working fans this means quite a lot. We all know how big a step that is for those two. Yachiyo doesn’t know a thing about love and Jun normally doesn’t know how to deal with it. It’s about time…

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Jul 19, 2015

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Himouto! Umaru-chan episode 02

Yep, I have to. This one really caught me by surprise. I thought for sure that I would have this because the heroine keeps turning into a chibi character, which is a type of character that I usually hate to see in anime.

[HorribleSubs] Himouto! Umaru-chan - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.38_[2015.07.18_23.55.23]I hate myself for this. It probably won’t be long before more chibi characters show up. That’s one of the things I’ve learned about the anime world; if you have one chibi character then there’s always one or two more waiting just around the corner. I will therefore not be surprised when suddenly Umaru’s friends, after having discovered her little secret, turn into chibi’s too as soon as they enter that room. Not that I mind at this point in time. If they look and act like Umaru then I’m completely fine with it. I find her quite amusing to be honest.

[HorribleSubs] Himouto! Umaru-chan - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.48_[2015.07.18_23.55.33]Yes, Umaru can be quite annoying, especially when she acts for things, like at the end of this episode where she really annoyed her brother to spend some of his hard-earned money to buy her a videogame. But that can be seen as one of her charms, I guess? Like that funny hamster thing that she insists on wearing as soon as she’s ready to enter her otaku-mode.

I think I’ll be quite pleased to write about this show as much as I like watching it. I’m kind of hoping that someone else finds out about her little secret just so that I can see how she will deal with it. I also think it is hilarious how her brother can’t do anything seeing as she always seems to get perfect results not matter what she does. I hope they will focus on that a bit more in the future.

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Jul 16, 2015

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This is a very watchable anime short. It’s definitely worth spending three minutes a week on. In fact, some people might actually enjoy it.

DanchigaiThe artwork is good for an anime short. In fact, I think it’s worthy of a full-length show. I was solf as soon as I saw Uzuki and her little friend.

I don’t know how good the story will be since it’s just an anime short, but like I said; it’s worth it just to watch three minutes of it every week.

I do recommend this for when you are waiting for other episodes to finish downloading. I know I will be following this for the time being.

Plot Summary: Haruki is the only boy of five siblings. He and his level-headed older sister Mutsuki, his difficult younger sister Yayoi, and mischievous twin sisters Uzuki and Satsuki all live together in an apartment complex.

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