Jan 7, 2016

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Prince of Stride: Alternative

Now this was totally unexpected. I know that Madhouse, one of my favourite studios, was handling this one, but I never expected it to be this good. What a pleasant surprise!

Prince of Stride AlternativeThe artwork is great. I love the characters, I love the scenery and the level of detail is very good. There were quite a few scenes that made me think of Mirror’s Edge… Ah… Good times.

I read somewhere that it was about characters running. How dull can you be!? This isn’t just running, idiot! This is parkour! They don’t run in a straight line. This is so much more interesting than I thought it would be!

I think it is safe to recommend this show. I don’t see the characters developing sudden supernatural power moves any time soon. It seems like a pretty serious story and I love that when it comes to sports-genre anime!

Plot Summary: “Stride,” is an extreme sport that involves six people on one team who run relay races through towns. Hōnan Academy and other schools compete to win eastern Japan’s top Stride competition, “End of Summer.” However, Hōnan’s team has shut down. First-year high school students Takeru Fujiwara and Nana Sakurai attempt to restart the club, but they must recruit six members for the team. They ask Riku Yagami to join, but he turns them down by saying that Stride is the one thing he doesn’t want to do.

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Oct 18, 2015

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Anitore! EX

What is this? Anime fans are fat so let’s make something that will help them lose weight? No thanks. I’m not fat. I have absolutely no desire to watch this anime short whatsoever.

Anitore! EXIt’s sad, but I feel like the artwork, which seems rather nice for an anime short, is completely wasted on something like this.

There is no story. Absolutely no story whatsoever. Just a random character doing various exercises.

I honestly see no point in watching this. Is there any value in learning to do these things from anime? It’s impossible to take seriously and I feel that it’s just a waste of time and resources.

Plot Summary: “Move your soul and body!” Each episode contains a variety of routines, such as push-ups, sit-ups, spine twists, dance, yoga, stretches, trunk training, and taichi. Five girls aiming to become idols will exercise with you, and that troubling body fat percentage will go down by 1000%…!?

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Oct 7, 2015

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Haikyuu!! 2

I am not a big volleyball fan. That is why I dropped the first season half-way. There’s just not enough excitement in it. Volleyball, to me, is not even a sport. It’s something you do on the beach with girls to see their breasts bounce. Cheap thrills… That’s what it’s all about.

Haikyuu!! 2That being said, even I could not deny that the artwork’s definitely the real deal. The level of detail is good and the characters all look great. They really spared no expense. It looks terrific.

A lot of anime fans love this. I myself don’t because it’s about volleyball, but that’s my own personal opinion. I know for a fact that the story is pretty good even though it tends to get a little predictable sometimes.

I think I can safely recommend this one. So what if I don’t like volleyball? The artwork is great and the story isn’t bad either. Why wouldn’t I recommend it? People that are quite fond of the sports-genre will love this.

Plot Summary: After losing against Aoba Jousai, the whole Karasuno team feels at a loss. Especially Kageyama and Hinata, who seem to be the most devastated about the defeat. However, the team soon cheers up when a chance for them to go to Tokyo appears. During their training camp there, Karasuno will meet new formidable opponents.

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Apr 10, 2015

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Diamond no Ace 2

I remember writing a post about the first season many months ago. I remember being pretty positive about it. Well, I’ve seen at least half the episodes of season one before I finally stopped watching. The problem with this show is that the pace is extremely slow and that there’s always too much of the same thing. They just try to drag things out way too much.

Diamond no Ace 2The artwork has always been one of those things that stood out. The characters look nice, the backgrounds look nice and the level of detail is good. No argument there.

Still, the story is a huge problem for me. Things just move too slowly and become too boring. A single match can easily take up half a dozen episodes even though a lot of times nothing exciting happens.

This is one of those shows that you have to see for yourself. I won’t be watching it because I just can’t get interested enough anymore.

Plot Summary: Eijun Sawamura is a pitcher who joins an elite school with a brilliant catcher named Kazuya Miyuki. Together with the rest of the team, they strive for Japan’s storied Koushien championships through hard work and determination.

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Apr 9, 2015

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Baby Steps 2

I never really understood this show. The pace is insanely slow, the level of excitement is low and the artwork never really did anything for me, yet the number of people watching this keeps increasing. It’s insane.

Baby Steps 2The artwork is truly so-so. I wouldn’t go on a rant about how great it is because it simply isn’t. The level of detail is actually lower them some of the other shows this season. So yeah, not really that impressed to be very honest.

And the story; yeah, it’s slow. I don’t want to see a guy work his way up from scratch. It’s probably the main reason as to why the pace is so damn slow. Also, I think the story is just a bit too childish.

I really, really cannot recommend this. I’m sure a lot of you will try this or already have tried this, but I simply cannot seem to enjoy it. It’s definitely not in the league of Prince of Tennis. No way. It’s not even a good substitute.

Plot Summary: The second season’s story picks up at a Florida academy where rival players practice and clash in order to promote their rankings. For Eiichirō this is not only his first time being abroad but a first chance to face competitors from around the world.

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