Aug 28, 2011

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No.6 episodes 07 & 08

Good, very good. It’s nice to see that the story is finally getting a lot more interesting. The previous episodes left me wondering several things, things that have been answered in these episodes.

I had thought that Shion would’ve discovered Safu’s situation by himself. Obviously I was mistaken, Nezumi ended up telling him the truth after all. Sure, Shion was pissed off, but he did show understanding.

Shion, as I predicted, has made the search for Safu his top priority. Wanting to save Safu and bring the organization behind No.6 down, Shion and Nezumi set out for some sort of underground maze, in order to meet up a certain man. This man turned out to be none other than one of the professors behind No.6 and everything that city stands for. This man seemed to know practically everything about No.6 and the people running it. He shared some information with the boys after hearing out Shion’s entire story. He then gave Shion some sort of chip, claiming it has all the information about No.6 on it. This is where I got very suspicious.. Why did he give it just like that? And I can’t help but to notice several similarities between that man and Shion. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that man turned out to be Shion’s father.

Speaking about fatherly candidates, I think that Rikiga has a good chance too. In both episodes  he shows an abnormal amount of interest in Shion, wanting to know everything about him, getting worked up about his safety and whatnot. I think it’s still too early to decide, but at this point it’s Rikiga who’s more likely to be the father.

Moving on to a less important but very interesting development… Shion kissed Nezumi! On the mouth! HAX! CHEATS! This character confuses me to no end. Nezumi is the sole survivor of the Forest People. And in the scene that showed the survivor, you could clearly see a little girl with long hair and grey/silver eyes. This specific scene made me doubt Nezumi’s gender. I haven’t read the manga, so I can’t be too sure, but this character really confused me during these two episodes. Nezumi acts and speaks like a boy pretty much all the time, except for when he/she is on stage.

As for Shion’s upcoming quest to Save Safu and bring the organization behind No.6 down, I still stand by the statement I made in my previous No.6 post. I think that the bakery, owned by Shion’s mother, is going to be used as a safe house for Shion and his allies. That would be, at least at this point, a logical and strategic decision.

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Aug 12, 2011

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No.6 episode 06

Alright. I just watched it, although some of the audio was out of synch, but okay.

Seriously, each episode is so different, if it wasn’t for the title, one wouldn’t recognize the show right away. This episode was mainly about the friction between Shion and Nezumi. I think those two make a really good team.

So the shows starts with a girl called Safu trying to get into No.6, which is weird to start with. She comes looking for Shion, who is nowhere to be found. After going to the bakery, where Shion used to live, she meets up with Shion’s mother, only to find out that Shion escaped the city.

Now it doens’t take a rocket scientist to know that Safu is going to look for Shion. But a journey always has it’s ups and downs. Safu’s journey started by getting captured by those No.6 security goons, witnessed by Shion’s mother, who delayed the message to Shion via one of those rats, but got intercepted by Nezumi. Personally, I don’t think Nezumi is going to share that message with Shion. Nezumi wants to keep Shion out of harm’s way, and knows that Shion will go rushing back to No.6 the second he reads that message. That or Nezumi will hide the message, only to be found by Shion later on.

I’m not too sure about this, it’s just a lot of speculation on my part, but I think the bakery, owned by Shion’s mother, will serve as a sort of safe house for Shion and his allies, as they fight the city’s corrupt system. But this, if i’m right, is still a few episodes away.

Anyway, i’m fairly certain that Safu’s going to be alright. I don’t think Nezumi is going to be partially responsible for Safu’s death just to keep Shion safe. Shion would never forgive him, and Nezumi knows that.

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Aug 1, 2011

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No. 6

Nice, very nice. At first I was slightly confused as to where this story was going, but it turned out pretty good. Sion’s face, after that little incident, reminds of another character, i’m not sure which one.

Anyhow, the artwork looks good and the story is getting better, clearer and more interesting. I would definitely recommend this anime, it’s well worth watching.

Plot Summary: Sion is a bright teenager living a comfortable and promising life inside No. 6, one of this six remaining city-states created by The Babylon Treaty after the last great war devastated the world. On the rainy evening of his twelfth birthday, he meets a savvy adolescent who calls himself “Nezumi” (Rat) and is desperately trying to runaway from the authorities. For helping a fugitive of the state, Sion is stripped of all his privileges. Four years later, they meet once again. For better or for worse, Sion is about to unravel the secrets guarded deep inside No. 6.

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