Jan 19, 2012

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Taiwanese TV station fined because of School Rumble

Taiwanese TV station fined because of School Rumble

The Taipei Times news source reported on Thursday that the Taiwanese television channel Momo Kids TV was fined NT$600,000 (about US$20,033) on Wednesday for airing an episode of School Rumble that was “deemed inappropriate for children.”

According to the Taiwanese news source Now News, a mother had filed a complaint against the December 26 airing of the show, accusing that the television station had “not rated the program properly and ‘tainted’ my 5-year-old daughter!” Taipei Times noted that dozens of parents complained to the National Communications Commission (NCC) about the show, saying that the episode depicted “high school students watching a pornographic movie together” along with “a scene of jiggling breasts” and a scene showing “actors moaning in pornographic movies.”

An independent review team of 18 experts tasked by the NCC unanimously agreed that Momo Kids TV had violated a rule that stated that domestic and foreign satellite broadcasting businesses cannot air content that would “impair the physical or mental health of children or juveniles.”

Jin Kobayashi’s School Rumble manga was adapted into two 26-episode television anime series and two OVAs in Japan between 2004-2008.

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