Jan 18, 2013

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Tamako Market episode 02

How could I possibly not write about a show that features a homosexual-looking bird that talks? I’m going to ignore the fact that he uses his eyes as some kind of robotic projector. I don’t think that it’ll do my reviews or opinion any good.

[Mazui]_Tamako_Market_-_02_[A74AB4F2].mkv_snapshot_01.04_[2013.01.17_23.33.05]I want to talk about this bird, Dera Mochimazzi, first. I find this character a stroke of pure brilliance. I actually feel the need to shake the author’s hand. Truth being told; I liked the skinnier version a bit better though. He was skinny, capable of flying, plus he looked a lot gayer. It was incredibly hard not to laugh at him.

It’s not just his looks either. I find the idea of having people sneeze at him, which he thinks is a way in which people/birds show their romantic interest to one another, hilarious. I kept watching that scene from episode one over and over again. I never got bored. Both the personality and looks of that character are perfect.

[Mazui]_Tamako_Market_-_02_[A74AB4F2].mkv_snapshot_07.20_[2013.01.17_23.33.20]It may be unfair of me to focus solely on that character, but I simply cannot help myself. Tamako, the girl that always stands in the spotlight, is very cute, too. She cares about others, wants to help all the time and she’s always on the lookout to improve her father’s mochi shop. I think that character fits the story pretty well. It’s the kind of character that allows for a lot of great comedy, but also quite a bit of romance. That being said, I don’t think that Mochizou, her childhood friend and the son of another mochi maker, would make for a suitable partner for Tamako. He’s fine as he is; a friend. I’m really curious to find out where they’re going with this…

Tamako Market episode 02 screencaps

  1. i think this shows promise <3

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