Mar 29, 2013

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Tamako Market episode 12

Uhh… What? I’m sorry, I think I’m confused here. Was this supposed to be an ending? Really? Are you absolutely one hundred percent sure? Because I think I just watched a regular episode, seeing as it didn’t really end anything.

[Mazui]_Tamako_Market_-_12_[8529A581].mkv_snapshot_07.06_[2013.03.28_22.37.02]Remember when Tamako Market started? We say a gay-looking bird with a very cocky voice looking for his prince’s bride. That’s what it was all about, until I say this final episode that is. How could they have ended Tamako Market when the prince hasn’t even got himself a bride yet? What was the point of having that story in the first place?

I wasn’t even worried about Tamako not being his princess. I was pretty convinced that she would end up with Mochizou one day, when she finds out more about love and stuff. Maybe I’m overthinking things? I don’t know… Maybe the show wasn’t about that little guy getting a girl… Maybe it was about Dera finding himself a girl instead?

[Mazui]_Tamako_Market_-_12_[8529A581].mkv_snapshot_12.39_[2013.03.28_22.40.17]It’s never good to be disappointed, but perhaps that’s my fault in this case. I really raised the bar when that guy showed up at the last second during last week’s episode. I thought for sure that something was going to happen. Even during this episode I thought something was going to happen (although Tamako was out of the equation to begin with).

This is how I pictured it; prince points out that Tamako isn’t the one for him, Dera’s disappointed and Choi apologizes on his behalf, when suddenly the prince reaches out to Choi and tells her that she’s to be his girl. That’s how I had imagined it, roughly. I supposed it sounds really cheesy, but it’s a whole lot better than a scenario where none of the characters end up getting together. Oh well…

Tamako Market episode 12 screencaps

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