Feb 1, 2013

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Tenpo Suidoken NEO anime green-lit

Tenpo Suidoken NEO anime green-lit

A television anime titled Tenpo Suidoken NEO has been green-lit. The anime is based off an old Japanese story, which in turn was inspired by the classic Chinese novel Suikoden (Water Margin).

In the original story, a large band of outlaws are given amnesty by the government to fight foreign forces and rebels. The Tenpo Suidoken version relocates the story to the Chiba Prefecture town of Tōnoshō, and it revolves around the chivalrous battles of Sasagawa no Shigezō and Iioka Sukegorō.

Tenpō Suidoken NEO will air simultaneously on Chiba TV, TV Saitama, and TV Kanagawa in Japan. A Facebook fanpage has also been opened.

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