Jun 26, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 24

Here we go again with the supernatural bullsh*t. I don’t understand why people even bother discussing the subject. Some say that it’s possible that Kakeru acts like Suguru due to heart transplant and some say that it’s completely ridiculous. I’m picking door number two. There is no such thing. It’s all between Kakeru’s ears.

So guess what? Enoshima is behind again in points and it’s up to Kakeru to save the day. So what happens? Kakeru turns into a mindless freak again and starts playing soccer like a pro, leaving everyone way behind him. Yoin was fairly powerless against Kakeru’s ‘Suguru-mode’, which is why Enoshima soon caught up again, as is to be expected of the ever so predictable Knight in the Area.

What did I tell you? Kakeru starts losing, doesn’t like it and turns into a mindless moron that plays like his older brother, Suguru, after which he soon drags his team back into the game by tying the score once more. The crowd cheers, Kakeru’s friends are worried because they see his older broter in him and others just go with the flow. It’s the same old thing that we’ve been seeing for the last twenty four weeks.

Frankly, I’m seriously thinking about dropping this anime and move on to something more suitable. It is so predictable. I could write next week’s episode right now, no problem; Kakeru’s mindlessness continues for a little while longer, snaps out of it soon after and finds himself with a lot of questions, as he cannot remember what happened during the time that he, and I quote; “blacked out”. That’s why I usually don’t like soccer; it gets too predictable at one point.

I also sense a love triangle coming up. Nana already likes Kakeru, although she doesn’t fully realize it. And Mai is falling for him as we speak. It is a matter of time before they clash again, just like they did a few episodes back.

The Knight in the Area episode 24 screencaps

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