Jan 29, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 04

I was under the impression that the emotional pressure would only drop from here on out, after all; the worst part is over. But I am amazed though by how well the family is doing, even though Suguru has just passed away. They are smiling, talking normally to each other and continuing their lives as though nothing had happened. Sure, this all sounds very positive, but it’s actually very unhealthy. It just seems like everyone is supressing their emotions.

Anyway, the Knight in the Area continues as Kakeru is starting to look more and more like his deceased older brother Suguru. It’s not just his actions either, his abilities have changed, his speech pattern, his entire attitude has made some drastic changes after his operation. Seven noticed it too, which is why she kept a close eye on him. You can’t blame the girl, because it’s kind of creepy stuff like that happens, well perhaps not creepy, but certainly unnatural.

That female doctor was interested as well in any and all chances. She asked Seven specifically to keep a close eye on him, merely to see if there are significant changes in his personality. It seems that organ transplants can sometimes change people. Sure, scientifically it hasn’t been confirmed, but it seems that there have been a lot of cases where the patient showed a lot of (unnatural) changes.

Things soon got a little bumpy when Seven told Kakeru about what happened, about his new heart. He was shocked at first, but he soon came to realize that his brother gave him a second chance. Hell, he gave him more than that, and Kakeru knew it. He too knew that he had changed, upon which he decided to play soccer again. I’m not sure what’s going to happen next, but it’s going to be good. But still, I don’t think this dramatic feeling will ever go away.

Everyone has picked up the pieces in their lives and made peace with what happened, that’s still what surprised me most of all. I’m rather curious about Kakeru and his determination to play soccer again. Sure, he somewhat had an epiphany, but he has given up before, so he’ll have to show us, the viewers, how great his determination really is. Either way; I will be watching!

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