Feb 5, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 05

Well, well, well… Not bad, not bad at all. I expected a very dramatic episode where people grieved over Suguru’s death, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. Everyone had picked up the broken pieces and continued life, including Kakeru, who had discovered the truth about his survival. The Knight in the Area appears to be full of surprises, I like that.

His brother may not lie beneath the ground, but he carried on with his life, just like his brother would have wanted. He paid his respects and went out with Nana to start their new high school life. The first thing they did was find the soccer club, but that’s only to be expected. Although it’s not the soccer club they wanted to see, but a specific player that was supposed to be in that club.

Kakeru and Nana met up with a few hyperactive kids that led them to their soccer club. Things seemed pretty normal, but what they didn’t know is that they were signing up for the “play for fun” soccer club. The school has two different soccer clubs; the fun one, and the serious one. Kakeru was a little bit angry when he found out the truth, but all he wanted was to cancel is membership in order to join the school’s other soccer club.

This is where they met with Araki. I didn’t believe my eyes. I expected to see some athletic tall guy, but I ended up getting surprised by some short fatass that joined the comedy club. Sure, I noticed he had pretty good ball control, but come on… you have to be kidding me? Anyway, the club showed Kakeru the benefits of being in the club, they showed them one of their training programs, and he ended up liking it all. Needless to say that both Kakeru and Nana ended up staying with this club.

Meh, sorry for the short post, but I was kind of thrown of game by the story’s unexpected continuation. I honestly expected a lot more drama before we got anywhere near professional soccer. Oh, but I’m not complaining, absolutely not. After all; we can expect a great match in next week’s episode, so I’m definitely looking forward to that.

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