Mar 4, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 09

Yet another episode of the Knight in the Area was waiting for me when I woke up, how lovely. I checked just now and I saw that the ratings for this show seem to have dropped a little bit. I guess the show’s magic is starting to loss its grip on people. Don’t worry, I still feel the magic, for now!

Life continues as the soccer club goes on their annual soccer camp. It all sounds very fun, but is it? Can it really be fun when one of your star players has grown to the point where he barely fits through a door? It sure didn’t look fun. Sure, he still has his moves, his instincts and tactics, but he has lost speed and stamina. For a moment it seemed like he was genuinely trying to lose weight. Yes, for a moment, because the next he was going from room to from, looking for something to eat. It’s a good thing that Nana-chan is a merciless girl. I’m sure the laxatives she gave him will do him good in the long run.

Speaking about Nana-chan… What the hell? She went back (temporarily) to that club after all? She didn’t just went back, oh no. She showed up during the second half, said hello and joined the game as a substitute. Lolwut? I’m sure that most of us, you know… the viewers, have realized that she’s more than just a decent player, but can she really keep up this schedule? I doubt it. No person could manage one team whilst playing for another.

Nana has to get her priorities straight. Besides, no one told her to be a manager for the school’s soccer club. I’m sure she could be a regular player if she just applied for it. Show them what you got and you’re definitely in. Truly a strange development, but I will continue to observe.

Time will tell what the soccer club is capable of. Nana has the ability to be a great manager, the ability to keep all of the players in line. However, she also has the ability to be one of the most important players in that club. It’s a very confusing subject. I’m sure she’ll find her answer at one point, but for now let’s just see what happens. The boys sure tried to see what happened, oh hell yes… They tried to see right into the ladies bath, hoping to catch a glimpse of Nana-chan. Oh youth…

I just hope that next week’s episode will be a bit more explanatory when it comes to Nana’s future in this show. I’m hopeful, she doesn’t strike me as the type that would abandon her friends like that, even though she did it once before. However, that was beyond her control, as she was still a little girl. Let us just see what happens next.

The Knight in the Area episode 09 screencaps

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