Mar 11, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 10

I wanted to watch this episode late last night, but I was trolled by none other than HorribleSubs. They uploaded Ino x Boku SS instead of the Knight in the Area. That was pretty terrible, but it definitely wasn’t the first time that something like this has happened. Either HorribleSubs has it very busy or they just like to troll people once in a while.

The story continues as Nana-chan is finally starting to get happy. She likes playing soccer, what else is there to say? It’s just too bad that Kakeru had to find out about it the hard way. Nana was already planning on telling him face to face, instead of him finding out via a newspaper. Still, what’s done is done, there’s no point in arguing over spilt milk. He knew that Nana likes to play soccer, which is why she’s been spending every night with him and his soccer ball. Nobody said that she would quit his team just because she plays again, hell no. She will remain their club’s manager, but also a player for that all-female club.

I can understand it, I really can. The only reason she quit was because the “adults” were putting a lot of pressure on her. They had extremely high hopes for her, but she just wasn’t ready yet to carry such burden. That’s why she came back to Japan when her father was offered yet another position. She couldn’t take the pressure anymore. I can somehow relate to that. The fun soon gets sucked out of something when others are constantly putting pressure on you. Some people do well under pressure, but she does not, period. Also, coming to her house in order to beg her to play wasn’t exactly tactful, but it seems to have helped. Nana-chan is smiling a lot more these days…

Kakeru was still a little bit confused after that. Somewhat understandable, but it’s Nana’s choice. He has no say in this. Wouldn’t you want your good friend to be happy? It’s all a little bit confusing, but it all comes down to this; Kakeru just didn’t like all the secrecy. He would’ve understood he she had just told him about it. That’s all there is to it.

Anyway, I liked this episode. It was fun to watch and surprisingly unpredictable. I like that, I like that a lot. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next. Kakeru and his team will probably have to play another match soon, so that kind of puts a little bit of pressure on Araki, the team’s dieting ace. I just hope that Nana will keep cheering for them as much as they will cheer for her.

The Knight in the Area episode 10 screencaps

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