Mar 25, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 12

Oh damn. I said some things about coach Teppei that I need to take back after watching this week’s episode. I basically said that he wasn’t fit to be their coach if he continued like that. He was constantly being soft on everyone, but especially on Araki, and the other, more serious players noticed, got angry and left.

During this episode we see a whole new side of coach Teppei. It seems that he’s been working two jobs so that he can rent a stadium for a day, so that everyone can get the “feel” of it. I’m sorry, but that is just bad ass, if you have a teacher that’s willing to go to those lengths to help you. Why the hell didn’t I have teachers like that? Mine were just plain yes-men that thought us worthless crap straight from textbooks.

Everyone was uncoordinated. They needed those ‘serious’ players in order to form a better team, a team that plays well together. It’s kind of sad, but those three idiots may just be the glue that keeps the players from wandering around on the field during matches. No wonder that the coach wanted them back.

Anyway, coach Teppei showed a whole new side of him, a serious and strict side. He made Arakai train and participate in a practice match, just so that he would realize his incompetence. He is simply too fat. Being fat means that, when exorcizing, there’s a lot more pressure on a person’s heart and lungs, and Araki soon came to realize that. Coach Teppei may seem like a very gentle person, but he too can be very strict if necessary. That’s why I apologize to all Teppei fans, my bad!

I enjoyed this week’s episode, I really did. I can only hope that Araki will take his diet serious now, because I’m getting tired of seeing his fat ass in my screen all the time. There’s one thing that I noticed though; what about Kakeru? What about his golden kick? I really hope that the show will focus on that again soon.

The Knight in the Area episode 12 screencaps

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