Apr 4, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 13

It seems that all the groups behind the fansubs for The Knight in the Area are experiencing some delays. It’s not all that surprising with all the spring anime beginning. Besides, haven’t we been entertained sufficiently by all these new shows? I for one sure have.

Allow me to start this off by saying how relieved I am that I was wrong about the club’s coach. I thought he was a softy, but he turned out to be a bad ass after all. He sacrificed his own time and money to give his disciples an experience that they’ll never forget. I can’t imagine what kind of coach would sacrifice himself like that, merely so that his team can play against another well-known team.

It was a real “WTF”-match. I guess those players did make a huge difference, because everyone was playing better than ever before. They actually scored two goals within the first ten minutes of the match, my god… That is some scary improvement. However, Araki will definitely have to lose weight, because he is constantly tired. The poor guy just can’t keep up with his body in that state.

It’s kind of strange if you think about it. Kakeru and his team used to be mediocre, but they have rapidly grown into a team that is capable of reaching the top. The hell, did I miss an episode or something? The one that improved the most (mentally) was Takase. He no long seems to be after the money. He actually seems to enjoy himself a lot more now, I like that.

Anyway, there’s only one thing that I’m actually waiting for, and that’s Kakeru’s progress. He keeps making these unbelievable moves, but he doesn’t seem to realize it himself. Even Nana-chan noticed it, especially at the end of this week’s episode. I really want to know what he’s going to do with that newly found ability. Please, don’t be late with next week’s episode!

The Knight in the Area episode 13 screencaps

  1. yarokun says:

    I follow this anime halfheartedly, but even I think that the final minute of this episode was pretty interesting. I am most definitely not a soccer fan. I would rather watch football, so Eyeshield 21 is more up my alley.

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