Apr 17, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 15

So the episode finally arrived, huh? I could’ve seen this much earlier, but I refuse to watch anime via various streams. I want to download it and view it whenever, wherever and however I see fit. Besides, constantly waiting for the video to buffer is maddening.

Anyway, let’s get on with this week’s episode of The Knight in the Area. You know, I expected a lot more from this episode. Perhaps it’s not their fault, but I was waiting to see Kakeru play like a pro. I’m going to have to wait yet another week if I want to see Kakeru’s skills. I hate that they constantly save the best for last. It’s a wise strategy, but it’s very off-putting.

I noticed that Kakeru’s team is far from ready to participate in any type of tournament. They get too emotional if things are going to way they want them to go. One of their players got sent out when he received two yellow cards, which proves that they have a lot to learn about soccer. They even though that their opponents were playing dirty, even though none of their players committed any fouls.

Also, I think that Nana is a little bit scared of Kakeru’s recent changes. She too noticed that he’s been acting a little different lately. I for one refuse to believe that somebody else’s heart could influence one’s personality. He has his brother’s heart, not his brains. I think that’s a bit of a grey area, but the heart is nothing but a strong muscle that pumps the blood through our body. That being said; is it possible that Suguru’s heart was a lot stronger than Kakeru’s? It is really starting to look like it…

I would like to end this post by saying that I might have been mistakes about Araki and his abnormal weight loss. His weight has been gradually decreasing at an explainable rate, unlike in the earlier episodes. I think that I may have been mistaken when I said that it wasn’t possible for anyone to lose that much weight in such a short amount of time, but it’s not like they told us how much time had passed. Like I said; I may have been wrong about that. I’m glad that things seem a lot more realistic now, I really like that.

The Knight in the Area episode 15 screencaps

  1. I have lost interest in this anime

    i only watch it now if i have nothing else to watch

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