Apr 24, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 16

This is strange. I’ve seen the episode, I’ve seen Kakeru’s moves, and yet I’m still disappointed about this week’s episode of The Knight in the Area. I am slowly losing interest in this anime because everything is becoming so unbelievably boring. I think that’s because you can predict half of the action yourself.

Moving on… We finally saw Kakeru win some goals. It also seems that he took over his brother’s personality when he hit his head lost consciousness. Really? What a load of bullsh*t. This was supposed to be a realistic anime, and they still went through with that, even though it has been scientifically proven that a heart transplant will not change the patient’s memory or personality.

Kakeru may have scored a goal thanks to this play, but I still think it’s disappointing. I was happy when they showed Araki’s diet more thoroughly, so that we can actually tell he’s losing weight naturally, but this was definitely a kick in the sack.

Do you know what my problem is with soccer? It gets really boring. You watch a bunch of people run after a ball, that’s it. Have you seen one game? Then you’ve seen then all. Sure, the techniques you see may vary, but that’s it. It is the same crap over and over again. I’m sure that there are people out there that would say the same thing about most sports, and I might actually agree with them, but soccer is one sport that I will never understand.

Anyway, the episode was pretty disappointing. Not for the lack of action, because there was plenty of that, but for the lack of realism. I feel that they really could’ve done a better job with that. I will say one thing though in the anime’s defence; it is going to get interesting soon (if I am to believe what was said at the ending), so I will continue watching (for now).

The Knight in the Area episode 16 screencaps

  1. it aint that bad bro

  2. AJ Powers says:

    I found this episode to be a very fun watch. I never liked soccer until I watched this show, its keeping me very interested. Kakeru is the main selling point, I really want to watch him no matter where he goes. You probably shouldnt complain about the lack of realism in any cartoon, especially when you dont know what your talking about. There is basically no research that has been done on the transfer of personality during a heart transplant. The basis of the show is fantastical. If you take that away all we are left with is another boring soccer anime, I for one am glad that Area No Kishi is taking the route it has. I really like the concept, and its nice to see Kakeru with super powers.

    • Domokori says:

      are you a moron? realism is what they are going for with area no kishi. seriously read the manga before you make stupid comments

      you should try google btw, because it really is proven that there is no such thing as a split personality after transplant operations. even tough i do disagree with GameDemon on it not being interesting!

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