May 1, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 17

I figured that this week’s episode wouldn’t be all that exciting. The action is over now that they won their match. We are back to resting, drama and training. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yuuichi overindulged again and showed up as his usual fat ass self during their next match. Isn’t that how they usually try to make people laugh?

Now the start of this episode was a bit bumpy. Kakeru had yet another one of his sessions with his doctor. Everything seems to be going well physically, but it seems that mentally he is not. He explained to her how he blacked out and how he did the most amazing things without realizing it himself. That’s when Ayaka, his doctor, came with this bullcrap about how his older brother is still alive within him, how he is playing the matches alongside him. Oh come on, stop ruining the show. Even coach Teppei, like me, was enraged by what she said to him. Just stop with the superstitious nonsense. Nobody benefits from it.

Oh well, the episode wasn’t entirely lost though. We got to see a nice little bit of action between Kakeru and Leonardo. That guy supposedly gave up an opportunity to go pro in order to play against Suguru. It seems that he is pleased with Kakeru as well. Even Nana supported the little practice match between Kakeru and Leonardo. Sigh… I’m really starting to lose interest.

I am once again disappointed in this anime. They keep throwing Suguru in our faces. Enough is enough, that character is dead, period. There is no need to let him live “inside” Kakeru. There is no such thing. I for one really loved the feel of realism that this show emitted, but my disappointing keeps growing with each passing week. I might actually drop this before the twentieth episode.

The Knight in the Area episode 17 screencaps

  1. Just saying, but that doctor is creepy.

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