May 8, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 18

Not quite the episode I was expecting, but it was much better than having to deal with characters going on about how Suguru is still alive inside Kakeru. Besides, it was actually quite the amusing episode. I’m always fine with seeing a little bit more of Nana and her soccer skills.

It goes without saying that this week’s episode revolved around Nana and her soccer team. They had an important match coming up, but their current coach couldn’t make it, after which he introduced another coach. Man, I’m still not sure about this guy. He is way too flirty, makes judgement calls based on cuteness, plus his overall behaviour is very disturbing. What is next? Will he kidnap one of the girls (I’m putting my money on the blonde) and lock her up in his basement for his own personal amusement? Sadly; he really did strike me as that kind of pervert, with the way he was going on and all…

The reason why I’m still preserving judgement is that his decision to let Mai, that little blonde girl, play a different position turned out to be a good call after all. At first I had my doubts though. She was slow, too full of herself, and she got pretty aggressive when things just wouldn’t go her way. But in the end she adjusted herself and started contributing in the form of goals. Her ego didn’t disappear, and that’s just too bad.

It was a fine match and an overall good episode. I’m still worried about Nana’s new coach, that little blonde girl and Kakeru’s upcoming match. Mai has too much ego, which will eventually blow up in her face. And Kakeru has a match during next week’s episode, but I really don’t want to hear any more about that Suguru living inside of him crap. Nobody, absolutely nobody benefits from that kind of bullsh*t.

The Knight in the Area episode 18 screencaps

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