May 29, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 21

I knew it! I absolutely knew that it would turn out like this somehow. To hell with soccer at this point. It’s all about love, jealousy and regret, baby! It’s been a long time since I’ve watched The Knight in the Area with a big smile on my face (no offense).

I was worried at first. It started out with a soccer match, so I started thinking that we might not get to see a situation where Kakeru tries to slither himself out of an embarrassing situation with Mai-chan. *has a great, disturbing smile on my face that would repel most women* I was wrong! The real episode started at the seven minute mark.

I’m sure that everyone here knows that Japan is very fond of festivals. There’s always a festival about something, even in The Knight in the Area. They all went to a festival after having endured several difficult matches. I can’t really blame them. Running after a ball all day could be gay tiring, I suppose. So it was time for everyone to relax and enjoy the festival to its fullest.

Things were getting pretty lively amongst the group, when suddenly Mai-chan appeared to take Kakeru, whom she calls “Kakerucchi”, along with her. It seems that she wanted to spend some quality time with him. Nana-chan did not like this, not one bit. I’m not sure whether Mai actually likes him or just uses him to get to Nana, but she seemed pretty interested in him, and so did Nana at one point.

It’s too bad that Mai-chan had to leave early, because I actually wanted to see where this was going. I expect to see a whole lot more of these situations. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nana became a little bit more open with him after all of this. She must’ve realized that she isn’t the only girl in Kakeru’s life, which, to most women, would be a clear sign to go on the offense for once.

The Knight in the Area episode 21 screencaps

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