Jun 5, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 22

Damn, now this was disappointing. I know I should’ve expected it, but come on… straight back to soccer after all that’s happened during the last one or two episodes? I actually wanted to see more of Kakeru’s struggle to keep both Nana and Mai happy.

So yeah, their next match started and their opponents could’ve have been more difficult. They were up against Yoin this time, a very good team. This team seems a little bit manipulative. They are constantly in control by letting Enoshima think that they have the upper hand, but nothing could be further from the truth. The only reason they have that much possession of the ball is because Yoin allows it. It was already too late by the time they discovered that. Enoshima was disorientated and no longer knew which way to turn, until Kakeru finally joined in that is.

Kakeru joined in, rushes a bit forward with the ball, passes it to Araki and he scores a goal. That seemed way too easy, especially since they scored again Yoin, a team that was in full control of their actions until a few moments ago. Still, the smiles on their faces didn’t last long. Yoin managed to score at the end of the episode, thereby tying the score with Enoshima. The phrase “what comes around goes around” suddenly came to mind, amongst a few other things, actually.

I hate to say it, but I really hope that The Knight in the Area finishes soon. It is starting to lose its magic. I’m bored just watching it. I liked it when they threw a bit of romance into it, but that didn’t last long. It has gone back to soccer, scientifically incorrect drama and dry comedy. That’s why I never watch any soccer; it is always the same. The only thing that actually changes is the scores at the end, and I’m not willing to waste over ninety minutes just to watch the final score. I’ll see what happens for another two episodes or so.

The Knight in the Area episode 22 screencaps

  1. Not worth watching anymore.

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