Jun 12, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 23

Oh god, it’s everywhere now. Soccer I mean. It is seriously everywhere. The “EK”, also known as the European Championship, has started and everyone is going nuts about it. It’s everywhere now, including in my own home. Sigh… Maybe if I had the right amount of bullets…

Moving on to The Knight in the Area; predictable. Very predictable indeed. Noticed how they perform the same routine almost every time? They put Kakeru on the bench at first. Then they substitute him at some point in the game, followed by Kouta. It’s the same thing. I highly doubt that it has anything to do with strategy, seeing as Kouta’s presence doesn’t actually affect Kakeru’s performance. Okay, so this they did substituted Kouta because one of the players wasn’t doing all too well, but that can’t be a confidence. He gets sent in after Kakeru a lot.

It’s not just their strategy that’s predictable. The entire match is predictable. At first they struggle with their new opponent, in this case it’s Yoin. They can’t play like they normally do, lose points and time. Then, during the second half or so, they start doing a lot better. They give each other a pep talk, show off some (new) moves and regain a bit if confidence. Near the end things get a little bit rough and players start to show moves beyond their usual capability, after which they usually score (a few times).

Sure, I didn’t know which moves were going to be used or by whom, but I know it’s going to happen. Araki and Kakeru are the key players in Enoshima’s team, so it’s highly likely that either one of those two (or maybe even both) are going to pull of some sick moves, score a goal and win the match for their team. My guess is that Kakeru is going to be the match hero this time. He is going to relive the past (again), think about his brother (and his heart) and perform some supernatural stuff.

The Knight in the Area episode 23 screencaps

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