Jul 3, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 25

Interesting. It seems that the anime finally took a turn in an otherwise straight line. Mind you, the majority of what I had predicted last week is still coming true. But that’s alright. I think that I might keep an eye out for the Knight in the Area after all.

I was sure that Kakeru would remain in his ‘Suguru-mode’ and score the winning goal, but it was slightly different. He scored alright, but he passed out soon after. He left the field unconscious with the score tied. I thought for sure that Enoshima would win this match and enter that league. Imagine my surprise when Araki missed that shot and lost the match on behalf of his team.

I think that things will be a little bit awkward between Araki and the rest. Yeah, maybe. It must feel terrible to be responsible for your team’s loss. That’s why I don’t care for soccer. It’s pointless and uninteresting. Frankly, I’m only watching the Knight in the Area because of the comedy and romance, but that’s just me.

Things will be a little bit different now, that’s for sure. The people around Kakeru will be extra careful with him from now on, and that’s probably going to cost him a lot of time on the field. One thing is clear; my prediction about a love triangle between Kakeru, Nana and Mai was definitely spot-on. Mai showed up to play some soccer with Kakeru’s team and Nana clearly didn’t like it. Both of the girls had set their sights on Kakeru, so it’s only a matter of time before things get a little bit ugly. Although Kakeru will probably end up picking Nana anyway, so no surprise there, right?

The Knight in the Area episode 25 screencaps

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