Jul 17, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 26

There goes my interest again… Amazing how one show can give and take so much. And it’s not just me either, I’ve come across plenty of complaints about how the Knight in the Area is getting dull and uninteresting. I mean, come on… Having Ryuuichi gain weight again is just a giant blow in the face, even though it’s supposedly to help him train for the upcoming match(es).

Basically, this episode was about soccer and the possibilities that come with it. Kakeru and his friends went to see Leonardo’s match. They all know that they will have to play against him and his team, so they might as well do some research. They watch them play, see how they dominate their opponents and devise a battle plan for when it’s their turn to play against them. That is, of course, a two-way street. Leonardo probably did the same thing.

Still, getting to know your opponent is only half the work. Kakeru and his team have a lot of work to do. I, someone who knows very little about soccer, think that Kakeru and his team need to work on their teamwork. Everyone just keeps everything to themselves. There’s very little to no communication. Or am I imagining things?

Also, I think Kakeru’s team needs to train without the help of Mai. I’ll give her credit for being damn good at playing soccer, but she’s just too distractive. You can’t expect a dozen of teenagers with raging hormones to remain focussed when in the presence of a hot girl in a bikini. Oh, and to come back to that Ryuuichi remark; what is up with that? He claims to have done it for the team, thinking that it will make his training harder. I can relate to that, actually, but at least give the rest of the team a heads up before you nearly give them a heart attack. That’s basically what I meant by a serious lack of communication.

The Knight in the Area episode 26 screencaps

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    ok i stopped watching it is no longer fun

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