Jul 24, 2012

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The Knight in the Area episode 27

What in the name of bloody hell did I just watch? I wasn’t even sure that this was the right episode, till I saw Kakeru jumping around and whatnot. I mean, come on… What was the point of this? I thought that the Knight in the Area was supposed to be a more serious anime with serious comedy? I’ll be keeping this post very short.

Basically, Enoshima (as a team) decided to take on a part-time job in some messed up beach house. Little did they know that it was being run by a raging queen and his daughter. That’s when things went south. They kept messing things up, and on top of that Ryoma and Ryuuichi kept competing with one another because of his daughter, Momoka. Poor Ryuuichi actually thought that he was in love.

I would like to point out that I lost all interest when Ryuuichi lost all that weight overnight. He went to bed fat as hell and woke up with a six-pack. That’s when I seriously wanted to stop watching the episode. I just couldn’t bring myself to be serious anymore, sorry.

Things didn’t get much better when Mai and Nana showed up. More girls meant more distraction. And everyone was distracted by something, especially Ryuuichi and Ryoma. It actually came to a point where everyone was being tricked by that queen and his daughter into selling over three hundred ice cones, only to find out that it was merely so that Momoka could have a raise for doing very little work herself. See how it’s done, kids? Don’t worry about working. Just let someone else do it for you by deceiving him/her. It seems to work out just fine.

The Knight in the Area episode 27 screencaps

  1. This episode was one big disaster :/

  2. dropped.

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